African Kente Wax Fabric has its origin from Ghana, where it is worn as ordinary traditional wrapper by Ghanian men and women. African kente wax fabric comes in very beautiful mosaic block patterns, with very bright yellow, red and green block patterns.
Likewise, African kente wax is produced from 100% cotton which neither fades nor wash even in deep wash from washing machines. Due to the increasing popularity of African print fabrics, kente wax is used for making contemporary graduating students mufflers across universities globally.
However, Kente’s unique fabric color makes it stand out from other African fabrics. It’s patterns are carefully crafted by fabric designers. This makes it look like some form of digimatic computer simulation patterns.

There are several meanings behind the color pattern on kente fabrics; Yellow stands for royalty, wealth, beauty. However, Green means fertility, vegetation, forest, new harvest. While Red represents blood of ancestors, political, death. Furthermore, Blue describes peace, harmony, love. Whereas, Pink means love, happiness. Likewise, Orange represents wealth, joy. More so, Gold means royalty, wealth, high status. While Silver represents joy, purity. Whereas, Black means heritage, strength, spirituality and White means purity, festive. While, Grey means healing.

The biggest kente market is found in Kumasi, though Accra has the highest volume of trade in African kente fabrics, but Nigerians are known to be in love with Kente fabrics to the extent people confuse it as the original source for the fabric. Kente fabric is sold in large quantity and at very reasonable price in Balogun market.

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