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ERAGBAE CLOTHING is a fast-rising bespoke fashion line that offers seamless fits to accentuate your blooming appearances.
ERAGBAE CLOTHING doles out stunning unisex styles with astonishing designs to complements your desired styles, by encapsulating your personality in your attire, through its top-notch designs.
As a bespoke brand that designs seamless cuts and renders amazing designs, this brand defines what is the essence of a blooming fashion brand.

ERAGBAE CLOTHING aims at offering a unisex top-notch services and quality bespoke tailoring wears perfectly tailored to suits your taste.
This fashion line was established in 2015 by Eragbae Alao, he is the Chief Executive Officer of this brand, he is from the south-western part of Nigeria. Alao has an inborn passion for fashion, he understands the judgment of sewing to complete his customers’ taste of perfection.
Also is a home bred designer and fast rising in the rank of celebrity designers, He has designed tons of outfits for celebrities

Core Speciality

ERAGBAE CLOTHING focuses on aged, adult, young men. The brand specialises in bespoke tailoring of top-notch designs and quality wears. Ranging from Suits, kaftans to native wears.


As a growing brand, ERAGBAE CLOTHING has a wide clients’ base across Lagos State. ERAGBAE CLOTHING is known for styling some high-profile celebrities in the Nigerian entertainment industry and beyond. Meanwhile, this brand can offer bespoke tailoring services not just for celebrities but also to anyone who long for its designs.


As a growing fashion line in the fashion industry, ERAGBAE CLOTHING offers pocket-friendly and affordable charges for its services. Although the prices vary, depending on the types of your desired designs.

ERAGBAE CLOTHING has a great way of mode of delivery when it comes to service delivery. Deliveries are affordable. Also, meeting with the Creative Director of ERAGBAE CLOTHING is strictly by appointment.


311 Road, 3 RD Avenue Declose, House 16, Festac Town, Lagos State.
Phone: 08023104392

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