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VANSKERE Urban African Wears

VANSKERE is placed as one of the foremost brands in the Nigeria fashion industry, providing label of distinction, unique and uncommon designs for fashion enthusiasts within the country and across the African continent.

VANSKERE as an elegant crisp, clean and well-tailored luxury menswear; projecting distinctive designs for her customers, separating them through their styles from the crowd with uncommon designs using high quality materials.
The CEO of this attention-catchy fashion brand is Evans Akere, a lawyer turned designer whose father wanted him to step into his shoes as a lawyer. But he left his profession to pursued his passion as a fashion designer.
Evans Akere was a graduate of University of Benin, attended Command Secondary School, and as well attended his primary school in Benin City, Edo State, South-South Nigeria.

The brand name was carved from the designer’s name: Evans -VANS, Akere- KERE, this gave birth to VANSKERE which was established in 2004 after Evans Akere was called to Bar. Immediately, he felt something was missing in him, until he found out that it’s his potential for fashion; and never looked back to practiced law, instead, he chose fashion over law profession. This brand establishment aims is to manufacture stylish and quality clothes, using finest quality fabrics to make exciting beautiful designs and excellent clothes with simplicity of the designs.

VANSKERE specializes in English and traditional wears; however, the brand has streamlined its focus on traditional wears alone, since the brand earned the name as ‘’Urban African Wears’’. Providing extended styles of fashion beyond Nigeria designs, concentrated on diverse African styles.
This brand specializes in top-notch African designs, especially specializes on adults; aged and male, meaning its core specialty is for men tailoring.

Furthermore, it wouldn’t be an over statement if it’s revealed that this brand catched millions of people’s attention recently; with one of its clienteles that tickles the viewers fancy through his highlighted best features, declaring his personal fashion style. As one of the commanding forces in the fashion industry, VANSKERE has positioned herself as a formidable fashion empire with a wide clientele base across African continent, sewing clothes to standard perfection. Its clients include MDs, politicians, CEOs, Models, celebrities etcetera.

VANSKERE mode of service: the brand mostly offers ready-to-wear clothing, also its accepts cloths for standard sewing tailoring considering the agreement of terms and conditions with the customers.
As a multi award-winning brand in the industry focusing on customer satisfaction; it prioritizes delivery, depending on terms with her customers. Rest assured that its services delivery often doesn’t exceed five working days within Nigeria.

Head office:
17, Salvation Road, Off Opebi Road,
Opebi Ikeja, Lagos.
The Centigrade Mall, 7 Fola Osibo,
Lekki Phase1, Lagos.
Instagram: @vanskere
Phone: 09096494950 08114553222

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