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Tubo Clothing Nig Ltd.

TUBO Clothing is an emerging womenswear label, with very creative and stylish way of defining designs. 

Though, this bespoke brand is an upcoming fashion label that  has been catching many people’s attention with its unique designs of wedding dresses with African tradition twist.


However, Tubo Clothing aims to be a multi award winning global brand with showings on international runways and high streets as well as wardrobes of stylish celebrities women.

The brand’s Creative Director, Sandrah Tubobereni came into the Nigerian fashion industry in late 2014. Thereby switching her career from Finance and business development to follow her passion for fashion.

Furthermore, the Tubo CEO, who grew up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, a Southern oil city of Nigeria, bagged an MBA in Global Financial services from Coventry University, UK with a B.Sc. in Economics. Nonetheless, she pursued her passion as an intern at Ecoluxe Fashion, London, U.K and MOOFA in Nigeria. 

Moreso, Nigerians like wearing clothes from foreign designers. But, they now see famous people wearing our clothes Tubo designs; thereby saying ‘if it is good enough for Michelle Obama and Beyonce, it is good enough for me too,” Tubobereni.

Client Description

Additionally, the Creative Director always defined women who wears her dresses as: 

  • Bold, sexy and empowered. 
  • She is the perfect blend of fragility, femininity and strength. 
  • She carries herself with grace as she strides to achieve anything she dares to without fear of failure. 
  • She is unapologetically in a different class of her own.

As an award winning brand in Nigeria and Internationally, Tubo Clothing has a wide clients base that cut across African and beyond the continent.

Mode Of Service

Tubo offers limited services as an international fashion brand in Nigeria, its specializes in all ages of feminine designs. Interestingly, as a bespoke tailoring brand, services are determined by the individual SLAs.


Therefore, this brand prioritizes its customers’ satisfaction, however, a well- sketched agreement need to be put in place. Nonetheless, it’ll determine the time it takes before bringing each fabric to live.

Media mention

“Demand, is extremely high. The industry is growing, and at the moment the world can’t have enough of our designs,” Tubo Creative Director told Aljazeera.

Service Charge: Tubo Clothing, which has customers across board, offers premium service. Thereby making brand charges vary between the range $1,000 to $3,000.

Showroom: Lekki Peninsula, Lagos.



Phone: 08098775765


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