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SPARKS CLASSIC GEAR is one of the amazing clothing brands in the fashion industry in Nigeria, it stands as a styling brand that gives a different approach to fashion.
Being one of the fastest-rising brands in the fashion industry, many fashion enthusiasts sought-after its designs. With its astounding designs and elegant cuts placed the brand into the limelight.

The name Bolaji sparks is connected to the popular fashion brand known as SPARKS CLASSIC GEAR, which is situated in Lagos, Nigeria.

Who is Bolaji Sparks?

Bolaji Sparks’s name is Habib Bolaji Olumoh, he is the CEO and director of the popular Sparks. He began his early education in Ilorin, Kwara State but later moved to Lagos during his primary school. He went to Ronik Comprehensive School for his secondary education. He, however,
relocated back to Ilorin to complete his Secondary education at Sapati International School Ilorin, Kwara State. Then after studied law at the Prestigious University of Ilorin and then went further
to attend the Nigerian Law School, Abuja.

As the CEO of this famous brand, Bolaji Sparks left the law field to concentrate in fashion. He followed his passion for fashion, as he graduated from the Nigerian Law School. He said, ”Fashion is the most beautiful thing after nature. If fashion is your passion, pursue it; don’t do anything that is not your passion, you are just going to be a stranger there, you are not
going to last.” According to him, his major breakthrough was last year when he did “the SPADES AGBADA COLLECTION” and since then; things have been going pretty well.

SPARKS CLASSIC GEAR offers special services to fashion lovers who feel comfortable in standing out from the crowd. The brand leaves distinctive foot prints on its customers, through its designs. The brand specializes in sewing of aged, adult, young male clothing, meaning SPARKS
CLASSIC GEAR services are for male only.


As one of the most sought-after designers in Lagos, this brand clients cut across Nigeria, other major clients are from Ghana, South Africa etc. The fashion line also focuses on the middle class market.

Area of Speciality

This brand renders bespoke tailoring for African attires, English dresses,
traditional ready-to-wear dresses.


As a brand that prioritises bespoke tailoring, this brand offers pocket-friendly service charges for most of its services. Yet, it is for premium customers.
Instagram: @bolajisparks
Phone: 08078999384