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Soares Anthony Clothing

Soares Anthony Clothing is one of the most sought- after fashion brands in Lagos, this fashion house offers service across Nigeria and Africa.

Soares Anthony Clothing is a bespoke tailoring brand that provide diverse styles and designs for fashion lovers with up-to-date and exceptional services.

Furthermore, this fashion lines’ popular mantra remains a fascinating statement that portrays it as not just the regular tailoring brands. The mantra goes thus, ” Be confident, be active, be successful, soares man!” It’s not an overstatement by saying, not every tailor provide additional value asides the services they render.


Ade Bakare is the Chief Executive Officer of Soares Anthony,  a London based fashion studio before moving into the Nigeria market. However, the designer, who saw Nigerian Fashion industry from a different angle, before joining the league of bespoke tailors in the country industry.

However, the former model tried his hand at designing clothes;  In a quest to redefine the fashion industry, Ade Bakare started the first fashion academy in Nigeria, when he moved from London to Nigeria.

Thereby noticing Nigerians are fashion obsession, they just don’t follow trends. 


As one of the most sought-after designers in Lagos, this brand’s clients cut across coasts. Soares Anthony was the fashion creator of the country’s former first lady, Stella Obasanjo. Also, the fashion brand focus on mid income earners.

Area of Speciality

  •  This brand specializes on unisex tailoring. 
  • Also, the brand renders bespoke tailoring for African attires, 
  • English dresses for ready-to-wear.

Mode Of Delivery

Soares Anthony doesn’t only render services but also sell integrity through timely and effective service to her clients.


As a brand that prioritizes bespoke tailoring, this brand accepts fabrics from customers with pocket-friendly service charges ranging from $50-200. 


1410 Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.

Instagram: @Soaresanthony