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Pappaz Attirez

Pappaz Attirez is a fast rising clothing brand in the fashion industry in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Pappaz Attirez clothing delivers different styles from the other brands services. Interestingly, it sew’s astonishing designs to suit her customers’  tastes, likewise defining your personality through custom styles that elevates your taste for fashion.


This brand has been active in the fashion industry for years, it is owned by a young fashion designer, whose passion for fashion birthed one of the leading bespoke tailoring houses in Agungi, Lagos. 

However, Pappaz Attirez aims to steps out of the usual trends, as well as showcase new ideas to the Nigeria fashion scene.

Furthermore, this fashion line offers flourishing fashion styles to her customers with personalized designs that catch people’s attention to its exceptionally crafted designs.

Likewise, this brand has a large number of clients, Pappaz Attirez’ clientele is not limited to models but also cut across fashion lovers that cherish standing out from the crowd. 


However, Pappaz Attirez brand offers various services like, 

  • Designing and making of traditional attires for male
  •  corporate outfits for men, 
  • Likewise, providing quality tailoring services.
  • Also focuses on sewing of customers’ fabrics and ready-to-wear clothes.

Interestingly, Pappaz Attirez delivery is suitable for all; with its fundamental value on customer’s fulfilment, its provides unique services to her customers, charging affordable prices. Its service charges depend on your choice of clothes to sew.

In conclusion, this brand understands timeliness as a recipe for customer satisfaction, which is a major concern in the fashion industry.


Shop 23, Divine Grace Plaza,

36, Agungi, Lagos.

Phone: 07032438634


Instagram: @pappaz_attirez