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JB Agoro Clothing

JB Agoro is a clothing brand that is positioned among the big fashion brands in Lagos, Nigeria, offering unusual styles and designs to its customers with new ideas in the fashion world.
JB Agoro clothing is not a regular tailoring house that delivers what others offers in terms of services, it rolls out astonishing designs to suit her customers fashion styles, defining your personality through your styles and stepping up your taste in fashion. This brand has been around in the fashion industry for years, owned by Agoro Jibola, a young fashion designer, whose passion for fashion birthed one of the leading bespoke tailoring houses within Surulere, Lagos. Jibola was inspired into fashion designing by his late father who was an expertise in that field.
Sleeping and waking up seeing machines at home motivated Jibola’s desire, which helped him in taking a step further to enter the world of fashion.

JB Agoro Clothing was coined from the CEO of the brand’s name: J stands for Jibola and Agoro maintained making it ‘JB Agoro Clothing’.
This brand aim basically to revolves around trying to step out of the usual trends, as well as bringing new ideas to the fashion fashion world.
‘’Fashion is being able to express your genuine talent without caring if you are right or wrong,’’ Jibola Agoro revealed.
JB Agoro offers flourishing fashion styles to her customers with distinguished designs that call the lookers attention to its exceptional crafted designs. This brand has a large number of clients, JB Agoro’s clientele is not limited to actors, business owners, models but also to all lovers of fashion that believe in standing out from the crowd. Furthermore, it targets setting up new showrooms outside Nigeria as it’s focusing on expanding its coasts to Johannesburg, America among other countries.

JB Agoro Clothing offers various services which specializes in designing and making of traditional attires for adults; male, aged, corporate native outfits for men, providing quality services. JB Agoro proudly hearts its service on bespoke tailoring, sewing of customers’ fabrics and ready-to-wear clothes, coming up with terms and conditions (contact JB Agoro to know its brand Ts and Cs).

JB Agoro services delivery is suitable for all; with its fundamental value on customer’s fulfilment by providing unique services to them, charging affordable prices for its services. Its service charges depend on your choice of clothes to sew. Interestingly, this brand understands what drives customers which is timeliness that is most missing in the fashion industry. Haing a borne-out passion for fashion makes JB Clothing not to be your regular tailors (as the brand popular mantra). This brand’s beauty is projected through its timeliness.

Showroom: 56, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos.
Phone: 08028377093
Instagram: @jbagoro

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