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Fablane By Derin

Fablane By Derin is a Lagos based female fashion house that has set its pace in the Nigerian fashion industry through unique styling and personal taste for fabulous outfits. Fablane By Derin is one of the latest most sought-after female bespoke tailoring brands in Lagos with its classic standing styles that give life to all ladies look. This fashion label is one of the distinguished tailoring brands recently, with a top-notch services and exceptional fashion apparels.

Fablane by Derin has a nose for fashion with different fashion worthy designs it rolls out to prove her difference from others.
The brand envisions a world where any lady wardrobe would be incomplete without a signature of Fablane by Derin piece. The brand continues to fill the fashion world with its unique and vibrant designs.
Fablane by Derin CEO began her journey in the clothing line in the year 2009 at the age of 19 and has never looked back since. Her passion for fashion had always been evident since according to her, she used to make outfits for herself after which she graduated to making tunics for her family, friends and of cause friends of friends.
Fablane by Derin is a brand established by a vibrant fashion designer, Derin Fbikun whose passion for fashion heightened at the university. The graduate of Management from Covenant University decided to step up her game as she graduated and has become a full-time designer for female outfits.
The name Fablane by Derin was inspired by her last name Fabikun, her first name Derin and her nickname Miss Fabulous, which she earned back in university due to her style and fashion sense. Although Derin first piece she ever designed was in 2008 – a short fitted dress with puffy sleeves, ruffles in front and a low back made with different fabrics for a family friend to wear to a wedding. The continuous compliments complement her quick transfiguration into the designing world.

Fabian by Derin offers fabulous styles for female fashion enthusiasts with the aims of standing out from the crowd and looking beyond the ordinary. This label offers bespoke outfits with a simple touch of styles that are eye-catching to the onlookers. This label has carved for itself a name in the list of formidable fashion empires’ book, lo and behold, the clientele for this brand are broad yet precise (fabulous). The brand offers astonishing services to her premium customers.

Fabian By Derin core area of specialty is for the aged, adults, ladies, meaning it focuses on female outfits tailoring alone. Also, the brand offers two services which include ready-to-wear attires and bespoke tailoring, although this (requires you to schedule an appointment with the brand) comes with Terms and Conditions. Interestingly, the brand as a fast-rising female brand knows the importance of timeliness in business, thus, it prioritizes customers satisfaction and always time cautious in services delivery. The delivery is based on the agreement between the brand and the client involved (if it’s for newly sewn cloths).

Showroom: See2, Oladosu Street, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos
Phone: 07031828572
Instagram: @fablanebyderin

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