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Deji & Kola Clothing

Deji & Kola Clothing has been a fashion brand that cut across the world of fashion as well as being one of the best bespoke tailors that speaks through sewing of distinctive wears. Changing the way people feel and see the fashion designers in Lagos, Nigeria.
Deji & Kola Clothing as a leading fashion brand in Lagos, the brand focus on high quality sewing in Nigeria and spreading their fashion evangelism across West African countries. This clothing brand was established with the aim to have a presence in every African home as they build a truly African clothing brand with great influence on how African express themselves through their looks. This formidable fashion empire is co-founded by Olabintan, Ayodeji Adebayo and Olabintan, Kolapo, the duo are entrepreneurs on a mission to make a mark in Africa with a strong belief in the emergence of Africa.

The brand name was extracted from the duo names Ayodeji- Deji and Kolapo – Kola, now knows as Deji and Kola Clothing. Deji and Kola clothing has a wide area of specialties, offering large services aside from tailoring and ready-to-wear natives.

Deji and Kola core specialty is aged, adult, men tailoring and ready-to-wear outfits, meaning they only streamlined in bespoke male tailoring. Among other services this fashion house offers are sewing of suits, cooperate wears, traditional native attires, selling of fabrics etcetera. As a standing force in the fashion industry, Deji and Kola have positioned herself as a formidable fashion empire with a wide clientele base across West African countries, sewing clothes for a positive and leaving a long-lasting impression through standard perfection. Its clients offer its service to premium customers with quality service delivery.

Mode Of Service:
From Deji and Kola Clothing mode of service revelation: We are 100% tailors, we are not couture, we are not high end, we don’t price our cloth high, we are for the masses and we are working to have our cloth in every home in Africa. Irrespective of your income level you can always buy and wear a Deji & Kola. We have placed much focus on design and functionality to create a seamless experience from the point of purchase to usage. We are a tailoring company focused on Corporate, Casuals, Traditional, Uniforms and other forms of garment production. The customer is at the heart of our unique business model which begins from design, production, distribution and sales through our website and other Stuckists.
Interesting, the brand mostly accepts cloths for standard sewing tailoring considering the agreement of terms and conditions with the customers.


Deji and Kola clothing offers pocket friendly fees to her premium customers with breath relieving charges for its services.
Looking good is expensive we are making it cheaper. Our designs are built on functionality per each apparel sold. With a low-cost high-quality mantra, there is high value for any purchases made through us. Our wears are produced to reflect a fine and well detailed craftsmanship and elegance that suits the aesthetic taste required for a positive and lasting impression. 


As a multi award-winning brand in the industry focusing on customer satisfaction; it prioritises delivery, depending on terms with her customers. Also, the brand has this to say to reassures her customers: From our designs to tailoring and packaging we breath Africa, our cloths are designed and tailored in Lagos Nigeria. We consider ourselves as a technology enabled manufacturing company with special emphasis on reaching our customers first via our website. Quality and excellence is at the heart our job,
Our JIT (Just in Time) Process entails a disciplined approach from idea conceptions, research, designs, cutting, sowing, packaging to distribution.

17, Wale Taiwo Street, Magodo,
GRA Phase 2, Shangisha, Lagos.

United Kingdom:
37 Strand House, Mebury Close,
London, LND, GB, SE28 0LU

Phone: +2348037292344 +2348039411654

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