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Why Nigerian Guys like Senator Wears

If you have been in the Nigerian fashion industry, you would agree to the fact that senator wear has been very fabled over the years. This kind or style of clothing called senator wear is one male fashion that has come to stay in the fashion sector. It’s not just limited only to men, but a good number of females and kids of different calibres are seen every day wearing different styles of senator wear to special occasions. Inasmuch as it’s a seemingly conventional wear, for the purpose of this write-up, we will deal mainly with the men’s aspect. This article will investigate the reasons why a lot of Nigerian guys prefer senator wear.

There are many attractions to senator wear which in turn makes a lot of men see this clothing as an ideal option. This kind of clothing is known for giving men an elegant look in a very simple and smart manner. The utilization of the outfit is wide as they can wear it as casual, ceremonial or even work wears. With this in mind, it has become important for us to expound the reasons behind this liking by a lot of men in the country. In response to this issue, our article will highlight the most important things that make most guys prefer senator wear styles. But before going to that, let’s know why this outfit is called senator and what it really is.

A Short Overview of Senator Wears

Senator wears is a common name in the Nigerian fashion industry nowadays. A lot of people have worn this outfit ceaselessly to consider how it came to be this popular. The senator wears is presently used in that if a guy dares says he’s never worn the clothing, he should be viewed as being old fashioned. What at that point is this senator and how did it get such an odd name for clothing?

A senator wear is a two-piece troupe that contains a long top/shirt that nearly reaches the knees when worn. Though senator wear is originally from Cashmere materials, the clothing style has its origin traced to individuals of Igbo and Niger-Delta areas. The clothing was made well known by the former Nigerian senate president Anyim Pius Anyim (2000-2003) who for the most part graced pretty much every event with this outfit. Little wonder the clothing won the name Senator. 

Typically, senator wears bears a lot of similarity to the Igbo customary clothing, the senator wears are made with plain suit textures of any alluring shading, instead of the tiger head prints known as Isi Agu utilized in making Igbo conventional clothing types. Also, there are numerous styles of senator wear with the end goal that if a man chooses to sew the clothing, he’d be given a wide scope of styles which would intrigue him. This is also the reason why most men like these senators. As we progress here, we will highlight other reasons.

The Top Reasons Why Nigerian Men Prefer Senator Wears

In about five men you see on occasions, more than two will be wearing senator materials. This clothing has been very popular and it’s part of the everyday fashion in Nigeria. What really is behind the liking of this clothing by a lot of guys in the country? There are surely many reasons why they prefer senator wears than other fabrics. The following will be answering this.


There is no doubt that senator wear is one of the few clothing that can be minced to different styles and shapes. In this 21st century, a lot of guys do want their official clothes to be stylish and distinct. This has been made possible by senator wear which gives the room for fashion styles. In senator wear, there are short or long sleeves styles. The short sleeves have their own beauty as well as the long sleeve styles of senator wear. Depending on your individual choice, you can have a long or short-sleeved senator wear. Either your choice, it will still look as sleek as ever, and preferably just go for the one you are comfortable in. However, note that the length of the sleeves does not in any way reduce the beauty of your clothing.

Moreso, embroidery is another style that often makes a lot of people go for senator wear. You can decorate your senator wear with embroidery of any kind. Normally, the embroidery is applicable and used to decorate the chest or neck area. For the best of this, just give a good fashion designer who will just allow your creativity flow as the embroidery is made into any style or pattern of your choice. Another important style of senator wears is the top length. Of course, the beauty the senator wears is the length of the top or shirt. A lot of guys do want the top to get to their knee, slightly cover your hips or stop right at the hips. Anyone of these is very much okay, so far it is considerably lengthy.


Normally, people are always attracted to what is glamoring and as well coloring. Though a lot of senator materials and clothes are in a unified color, the more coloring will give a better look. A lot of guys nowadays do prefer clothing that is colored and this has resulted in their liking for multi-colored cashmere materials that is ideal for senator wear. 

Usually, senator styles come in dark colors – dark blue, dark red or deep blue, black, brown, dark purple, and other colors. The shirt which is the top, is designed with high quality materials and also high tailoring standards. This complements the color of the clothing.

Pattern and Design of Materials

The patterns and styles of senator materials have made the wears to have a unique pattern which are very varied. The notable pattern of senator wears include: Striped senator wears, Mix-n-Match patterned senator wears, and other varied patterns. These patterns make the clothing to be distinct and a lot of men do such a thing. Though there are some senator wears that have a unified and one color pattern, but the most liked ones are the multi-colored with lots of patterns. The pattern of senator materials may be slant or long lines, and your choice depends on which you admire.

Mix Fabrics

Senator wears can be combined with other fabrics which are related in color and designs. In making a senator wear, you can use different fabrics to make the clothing. When doing this, be sure the colours complement and mix with each other. If you don’t want to make use of embroidery in this case, using one of the combined fabrics to decorate the main material wouldn’t be a bad idea. You senator wears can be more alluring if you can use different colours of fabrics to create a decoration. This is something a lot of folks especially the guys, would want in their clothes.


It’s no secret that a lot of folks in Nigeria love senators. This is more predominant among the men and guys. The reason for their liking is that the native styles always look elegant and cute. Also, the senator wears are perfect for everyday wear, business meetings, office days, and special occasions. This article covered more on this as we highlighted the top reasons why Nigerian guys like senators.


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