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Why is Lace Used the Most for Weddings in Nigeria

Indeed, most Nigerians do prefer using lace clothing for their wedding. From the various types of fabrics available to choose from, but they rather select this kind of clothing for their nuptials. The answer to this is not far from the whole specification of the product. Know this (i.e. the specifications of these lace clothing), it will give you the knowledge of why the lace materials are mostly preferred for weddings. This article will be of help on this, as we will investigate into the applications of lace, and highlight why it is used significantly for weddings in the country.

One of the most important clothing items a woman gets to choose in her lifetime is the wedding dress. This isn’t just a simple decision, but you ought to choose the right color and material that will make your day splendid. Your wedding dress can be made of silk or cotton, lace or tulle, be strewn with sequins or embroidered with beads. Either the ways, the choice lies on you, but the lace is the most selected in Nigeria.

There are many lace fabrics suitable for different body shapes, and they have their own distinctive classification. The traditional colors such as white, ivory and ecru are still high on the roll, but a good number of brides choose colored wedding dress fabrics which are of the lace materials.

A look at Nigerian weddings, it’s full of color, vibrant, and flashy lace clothing that is often what the bride’s dress is made of. Some people who have attended many traditional Nigerian weddings in the country, could testify about all of these. “Without your fabrics, you’re not having a traditional Nigerian wedding”, said one of the marketers of lace fabrics in the country, Modupe Fatunbi. She said that the style of wedding is not only applicable in Nigeria only, and that in Houston and throughout other Nigerian enclaves, including Atlanta, New York and Baltimore, Nigerian wedding ceremonies there are especially opulent. 

Also, She used her contribution along with the help of her mother. With this joint work, they had connections to a fabric distributor in Asia, and they picked out the colorful, patterned yards of lace and silk for each of her ensembles. This collection of lace featured: a champagne and rose gold-color set, heavily beaded with pearls and embroidered flowers for her Yoruba traditional wedding (also known as the engagement ceremony); a royal blue dress with a detachable skirt for her western wedding, which included a conventional white gown; and various other fabrics for some events.

Why Lace is Used Often Used for Weddings in Nigeria

Considering the nature of this clothing which is made of quality materials, it is one of the contributing factors to the reason why it’s mostly used for weddings. Below are the few of these things;


A major advantage of lace fabric for weddings is that it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Adding with it transparency, it makes the clothing more efficient for this kind of event. The few important things have been the reason it is commonly used in the making of women’s clothing. Moreover, the material used for this clothing makes it look sexy and plump when worn for such occasions. Also, lace material is elastic, light, comfortable and stable, and it comes in different colors to make it more appealing for weddings.

The Clothing is a Trend

Since the 90’s, lace dresses have been in fashion and there is no chance of them going out any sooner. This has increased the efficiency of the clothing, and one choosing them is like having an asset one can use anytime.

Lace Looks Good

You have been seeing how these lace wedding dresses look like. Typically, a lace material dress look elegant and charming because of the very delicate material used in the dress. Also the appearance of the dress also depends on the color choice and combination. 

They Have Broad Specification

Nowadays even in the olden times, there are so many types of laces that one can choose any type of lace material dress. There are a variety of options in which you can choose from in making a choice for your wedding. Make sure you see all the options available and only then choose the proper material which suits you.

That’s the few essential things to look at while choosing the lace fabric dress for your wedding.

How to Choose the Right Fabrics for Your Weddings

Since you’ve known the reasons why lace is often used for weddings in Nigeria, here is another related thing on the tips for choosing the right fabric for your wedding.

An excellent clothing or fabrics is key with regards to your marriage. Prior to starting yes and selecting a dress, there are a few things one needs to consider not to be baffled with the outcome. Actually, everything begins with the bride’s body shape that directs what sorts of fabrics work best for her. Here are a few important variables to consider while choosing the wedding dress material: 

  • Style: Marriage styles and design are never the same. Each of these events brings new outlines and plans, some of which become exemplary, while others need to go. A-line or fishtail, fitted or full, darling or strapless, are some good styles and cut for your wedding gown. On choosing this, also ensure to weigh up the pros and cons and choose one that meets your body shape. 
  • Season: Since you’ve picked the style, the next thing to consider is the season. The season, whether rainy or dry, determines the type of fabric most appropriate for your wedding dress. A guide on this is to always go with lightweight materials for hotter months and leave heavier textures for rainy seasons. 
  • Texture and Drape: From smoothness to transparency whether dark or gleaming – the universe of fabrics has everything. What sort of wrap would you like? Think about every one of these components before settling on a choice. 
  • Color and Pattern: To wrap things up, select the shading or color and pattern of the wedding dress. This is one of the most important things. The absolute most well known colors you can hope to find in marriage wear incorporate white, ecru, champagne, cream, and ivory colors.

Conclusively, lace is always very suitable for weddings because of the look and quality of the materials. Lace styles are attractive, and elegant, thereby making it an ideal choice. That’s why many brides prefer gorgeous lace dresses.  Nigerian wedding fashion also shows great interest in lace and this has made the clothing to be something like a compulsory thing for such occasions. With all of these things, indeed, a marriage isn’t complete without lace for the clothing.


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