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Where to Source Sample Lace Material in Nigeria

Are you looking for a lace sample to match your African Ankara but don’t know where to get it? If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right post. Lace is a fabric that comes in numerous designs, textures, colors and weaves. Different elements are used to create the fabric including metal yarn designed to resist wear and tear as well as give garments an edgy look. There are different uses of this fabric depending on its quality and texture. You’ll find lace used for fashion purposes such as jewelry making, clothing, and garment accessories. You’ll also see lace used for interior design such as bed sheets or wall hangings. While lace can be made from a number of different materials including silk, cotton or polyester, one of the most common ones is nylon which refers to synthetic fibers. There are only two ways of getting a lace sample in Nigeria: either you purchase a half-used roll (which might not be enough) or order a custom-made roll delivered to your doorstep.

The attraction of lace materials has been the major influencer to the marketing of the fabrics in the country. There is no doubt that a lot of Nigerians choose these sample lace materials because of the beauty and uniqueness. This has been greatly complemented with the various styles, designs, colors and classification of these materials. Inasmuch as you would always prefer a sample lace fabrics, we have come up with the various selling places to buy these products. This article will be explicit on where to source sample lace materials in Nigeria.

Basically, a lace is one kind of fabric material that you won’t resist its beauty and alluring designs. It’s simply a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern. Laces are usually made by machine or manually by the use of hand. At first when these laces originated there, they were made of linen, silk, gold, or silver threads, as they were utilized to make the product. Presently, the modern world has changed the face of laces. It is often made with cotton thread, although the linen and silk threads are still available. Also, the manufactured lace may be made of synthetic fiber to add with the cotton thread.

Where to Source Sample Lace Materials in Nigeria

With the diverse market of fabric products, a lot of people may come up with some questions about the prominent places where they can buy lace materials. Just as you can’t buy them anywhere other than the product specified stores, then it’s important to note these places. In Nigeria, there are a lot of good places to buy sample lace materials, and a lot of these places come online. This is preferably good because they offer quality products and deliver at the earliest time. Take advantage of these places and buy any type of lace materials. 

Below is the rundown of some notable places where you can source sample lace materials in the country;

Konga is another place to buy sample lace materials in Nigeria. Being attributed as the country’s largest online mall, it has a great stock of products in all categories, from electronics to fabrics. Konga was launched in July 2012 and the company has an objective of becoming the engine of commerce and trade not just in Nigeria, but in the African continent. To attain this feat, the online store engages in serving a retail customer base that continues to grow exponentially, offering products that span various categories including Phones, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, Books, healthcare, Baby Products, personal care and many others. To complement this and the efficiency of delivery, Konga company also has a logistics service (KXPRESS), which enables the timely shipment and delivery of products and packages to customers.

From all these features about Konga, you wouldn’t mind doing some business with them. They have some great stock of sample lace materials which includes the colored to the designed ones of best attraction.

This online marketplace didn’t fail to be included here, because it’s one of the notable online stores in the country. is the trusted free online marketplace. The online store is specifically designed for people and corporate businesses to advertise, market, purchase or sell goods and services.

There are several sample lace materials listed on their website. These include popular ones like: quality lace material, net lace materials, net lace fabrics, high sample lace, and also some gorgeous bubu styles.

Prices of Sample Lace Materials in Nigeria

The cost of buying a sample lace material may not be the same in all areas and stores. Just like any other marketable product available for sale, the prices of lace materials are quite distinguishing. However, there is an

Acceptable range that you can expect to fall in. This gives the image of the exact cost of the product and what to budget for when intending to buy them.

On the whole, the cost of high quality sample lace materials is around N15,000 to N25,000 on an average, the price could go higher than this for the most elevated ones.  Also, the normal sample lace materials cost considerably less than this, and would be in the region of N1,000 to N6,000 in markets and online stores. You can source the best product in any of the aforementioned places.

Wrap Up

So far in this article, we have exercised much on where to have the best options on sample lace materials in Nigeria. During the course of this, we specifically covered the best places to source these sample lace products and have the best buy of good quality. Additionally, this write-up incorporated a short overview of what lace materials are, and also the highlight of these places to buy them. That’s the size of this write-up, as we believe you now have the knowledge of where to get the best of lace materials clothing in the country.


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