Where to Source Quality Aso-oke in Nigeria

Aso-oke is one of the most used clothing in Yorubaland. The significance of this kind of clothing is very high, as it is most prevalent for weddings and other traditional ceremonies. With the growing demand for aso-oke, the place to get the best deal will be what people might be looking for. Just like other fabrics and clothing, aso oke can be seen in the markets and some prominent online stores. This article will be excessive on where to source quality aso oke in Nigeria. This will further give detailed information on what this kind of clothing is.

Aso-oke is a type of clothing material that has its etymology in Yoruba culture. This kind of clothing has been in existence for decades now, and it is peculiar to events and occasions of which marriage is its most application. Aso-oke is now more widely worn than before, and it also extends to other tribes in the country. What used to specifically for only Yorubas is now widely worn by non-yorubas across the country and internationally.

Aso-oke varies with design and with quality and it also has many classifications which intrigue a lot of people to get it. You can the aso-oke clothing into different forms like ‘Agbada’, tops, trousers, ‘gele’, ‘ipele’ ‘buba’, ‘iro’. Aso oke is a conventional clothing as it can be worn to different occasions from wedding ceremonies to birthdays, festivals, funerals and many other events.

Where to Buy Quality Aso-oke in Nigeria

There are many places to buy aso-oke clothing in the country, but are all these places offering the best options with respect to quality. Typically, the quality of products sold by a particular company may slightly differ from what is obtained in another place. This slight variation may change the entire image of the products, hence lessening the quality of the affected place. Our major aim here will be to investigate into the places where aso-oke are sold, and from this, come up with the list of best places to buy this kind of clothing. Consequently, you will have knowledge of where to source quality aso-oke in the country.

Below is the rundown of prominent places where you can buy aso-oke clothing;

Clothing Markets

When buying clothing especially like the aso-oke products, you should not go to a market just because they sell clothes there. Specificity is what to consider in making the best out of the buy. In Nigeria, there are some good markets that can give you the quality aso-oke that you want. Nevertheless, although various online shopping platforms now exist, the markets are not that left out. A large number of people (if not all) still prefer to go out to shop for their clothing. This gives them the chance to choose from a whole range of varieties of clothes ranging from the traditional wears like asoebi and the aso-oke clothing. It’s safer to go out shopping personally, because you will be able to bargain for the best quality product. To give you a specific direction, here are places where you can source trendy and affordable aso-oke clothing in the country: Balogun Market, Oshodi market, and Yaba market. Though these markets are found in Lagos city, it does not rule out the presence of this kind of clothing in other areas of the country. You can inquire about this product in a remote clothing store in your locality.

Online Stores

In this modern and digitalized world, some of the marketing processes are carried out virtually on the internet. They use web-based pages to create transactions of products to customers. Also, the online stores are preferred because they have a fast means of processing the transfers. Aso-oke clothing is very much in stock at the different online retail stores in the country. Below is the highlighted list of the most prominent ones to get the quality aso-oke products.


Jumia is ostensibly the leading and the best online store in Nigeria. With this fame, you can’t rule out the fact that they offer quality aso-oke products. The e-commerce website has a collection of many aso-oke clothing which you can select from. The list of these clothing is available on their official website. 

The notable aso-oke products offered by Jumia includes the following: Aso-Oke (Jaowei) – Wine, Black Round Edge Auto Gele With Gold Stones, Red Auto Gele And Ipele Embellished With Pearls, Royal Blue Auto Gele With Multi Colored Stones Embellishment, Ojawu Aso-Oke – Fuchsia Pink, Quality Woven Aso Oke For Men Cap-Mint Green Colour, Aso Oke Autogele With Bronch – Silver, Quality Knitted Aso Oke Headtie- Dark Red And Gold Colour, Aso-oke Autogele With Stones And Bronch – Gold, Aso Oke Fan Autogele With Stones – Silver, Aso Oke, Fan Autogele With Flowers, Aso Oke, Side Fan Autogele, Aso Oke Autogele Wine, Teelys Rose Embroidered French Lace- 4 Yards, Teelys Leaf Patterned Guipure Lace – Black, Aso Oke Autogele With Bronch -silver, Aso-oke Autogele With Stones And Bronch – Gold, among others.

This is another good online store where you can source your aso-oke clothing. Ankara is a considerably large e-commerce store that has a good number of aso-oke clothing. From their catalog in their website, you can select the quality brand of aso-oke that you want. This online store just like the other, it’s preferred because of its swift transaction. The list of some notable aso-oke products in Jiji online store includes: Complete Aso Oke For Couples, Aso Oke Lacer Cut Designs, Aso Oke Plain And Shining Design, Aso Oke Lacercut Design, Royal Blue Aso Oke Agbada, Complete Bridal Aso Oke, Bundle Aso Oke, Kenny Aso Oke, Aso Oke And Auto Gele, and many other products still on sale in the e-commerce site.

That’s the two prominent online stores where you can buy aso-oke clothing in Nigeria. However, aside from these two, there are other unimportant places. For the sake of quality and smooth transactions, we choose to highlight these two because they are trusted on this. Meanwhile, other online stores to look at include Kara, etc.

Prices of Aso-oke in Nigeria

Like any other marketable product, the prices of aso-oke are varying. However, there is an acceptable range that you can expect to fall in. This gives the image of the exact cost of the product. TheThe cost of high quality ready-to-wear aso-oke geles falls around N14,000 to N16,000 on an average. Also, the normal gele materials cost considerably less than this, and would be in the region of N4,000 to N6,000 in markets and online stores.


This article has exercised much on where to have the best options on aso-oke clothing in the country. We specifically covered the best places to source these aso-oke products and have a good quality. Additionally, the write-up incorporated a short overview of what’s aso-oke, its uses and significance. From all what we have written here, we believe you now have the knowledge of where to get the best of aso-oke clothing in Nigeria.


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