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What is the Difference Between Cashmere and Wool Material

Cashmere and wool materials are two most often used fabrics in the clothing industry. The former is a very significant product for the making of senator wears, while wool materials is one of the oldest fabric materials used in clothing. Though the duo are very applicable in the clothing and fashion industry, there is some bit of variation between the two materials.

This article will look into these two clothing materials – cashmere and wool. From this, we will highlight the difference between the materials. This write-up will also give a short overview of these clothing materials.

What’s Cashmere Materials?

Typically, cashmere materials come from goats and are softer still than the wool materials. This kind of fabric material is produced from fibers that make up the soft, downy undercoat of Kashmir goats. Cashmere materials are very rare because of how it’s been sourced. The difficulty involved with collecting cashmere wool explains why it is relatively rare and considered a luxury item. In the production of cashmere materials, it takes at least two goats to make one two-ply cashmere sweater, whereas the wool from one sheep can be used to make four or five wool sweaters. This is one of the variations between the two materials, though we will explicate more on the course of this write-up.

Normally, Cashmere material is softer and lighter than wool and possesses a higher loft, which translates into plush, luxurious fabrics with a silky feel. Because it also drapes beautifully, cashmere garments impart an elegant look on more formal occasions. Cashmere material is specifically used for the making of senator wears in the country.

Furthermore, in addition to the above, cashmere fabrics can’t be underrated because they are dynamic and can be used to sew different types of dresses. The popular senator wears are usually made from cashmere materials. For this reason, the material is one of the most sought after in the Nigerian fabrics industry today. This is seen as a good number of people often settle for this kind of clothing for their senator wears and this does not look like it’s changing anytime soon. This and more are the alluring features of cashmere materials, what about wool materials?

What’s Wool Materials?

Wool is a natural fiber that is used in different woven and knitted textiles. It is similar to human hair or fur, that covers the skin of a variety of animals including sheep and goats. Wool is also known as fleece. Wool material fibers are collected during the annual shearing of the animals, and then processed to the clothing. The application of Wool is not just on fashion clothing as it is used for other clothing materials. Years back till now, wool has been used to make warm clothing, blankets, and other furnishings. Not taking cognizance of which animal produces them, the “crimped” nature of the wool fibers makes them an effective insulator against the cold, which is because of the thickness nature of the materials. The quality and other properties of the wool, however, vary considerably, depending on the type of the material.

Another related kind of wool material is the Sheep’s Wool. As the name implies, “sheep’s wool” is a general term that refers to the fibers produced by various breeds of adult sheep. This kind of wool is the most common and widely available type of wool. Inasmuch as it’s widely used, the qualities vary depending on the breed of sheep that produces it. Naturally, sheep’s wool contains lanolin, which repels water and bacteria, in addition to its insulating properties. This one reason that makes wool not to readily absorb odors compared to other materials. On the whole, wool materials is one of the best performing and one of the oldest clothing materials available in the fashion industry.

That’s a short overview of what these clothing materials are and their application. After knowing what cashmere and wool material are, let’s take a gander at the distinguishing features and characteristics of the two clothing materials.

The Difference Between Cashmere and Wool Material

Since cashmere and wool material are sometimes used interchangeably in some fabric materials, the question of the distinguishing factor about the two materials has risen. A lot of people, especially the fashion dealers have come up with the question of ‘what’s the difference between cashmere and wool materials?’ Since there is a relation between the two materials, there is no major difference other than how they are sourced.

Here is the discrepancy between cashmere and wool material;

  • Firstly, cashmere comes from goats and in the other way around, wool material is produced by sheep. In terms of productivity, wool material is more prominent in that one sheep can produce several wool sweaters but dozens of goats can only create one. And this has made cashmere to be more rare than wool materials. Following this way, the price of cashmere is more elevated and  expensive than that of wool.
  • Another difference between cashmere and wool materials is that super fine and soft wool also can’t be called cashmere. This is because cashmere has a soft wool nature which looks like super fine wool material. The differences between the two materials can clearly be seen with a microscope. The view is that: cashmere is up to ~16 microns in diameter, much thinner than wool; the cuticle of wool is sharp, and cashmere scales are round; cashmere has no medulla layer.
  • Another variation between the two materials is that cashmere is much warmer than wool and feels more smooth. The material can quickly restore smoothness if slightly folded, just hang it one night and then it will regain its shape. Additionally, the cashmere product is shrink resistant after being washed.

That’s the difference between cashmere and wool materials. Hope you now know how to distinguish these two related clothing materials.


Conclusively cashmere fibers are extremely soft and silky to the touch and weigh nearly nothing. This kind of clothing material is mostly used in clothes, as it makes next-to-nothing sweaters, cardigans, shawls, and dresses, and also can be sewn into outerwear coats and jackets. In the other way, wool is more durable and elastic than cashmere, which is because its fibers are stronger. Also, wool material is a great choice for everyday wear and leisure, while cashmere with its silken nature and luxury look is perfect for special wears like senator and suits. 

That’s the size of this write-up as we’ve been able to enumerate the discrepancy between cashmere and wool material.


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