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The Best Senator Materials Tailor in Nigeria (2024)

Senator materials are an essential fabric clothing that is used to make senator clothes. These clothes are very popular in the Nigerian fashion industry. This is obvious as a good number of people prefer this clothing to even the traditional and foreign outfits. One of the reasons behind their liking for senator wears is that the material is durable, lasting, colorful, and in different styles and patterns. For whatever reason may attract you to senator wears, getting a good tailor is one of the considerations to keep in mind. Surely, there are many fashion designers who deal on senator materials, but this article will outline the best of them in the country.

Much can’t be emphasized on senator materials since a lot of people within and outside the fashion industry know what this kind of fabrics are. Sadly, it’s not all that I know about this, which is just a few iota of people. But for the sake of those oblivious about what senator materials or wears are, let’s quickly peek at what these fabrics are. 

In a simple way, senator or cashmere materials (as they are interchangeable called) is one quality fabric that has been very prominent in the Nigerian fashion industry over the years. The major reason behind this elevation is due to the fact that the materials are used for making senator wear. This kind of wear is an indigenous fabrics fashion style that is very conventional in the country. Additionally, senator wear is a voguish clothing that has been very popular in the country’s fashion line. The clothing has become a conventional and unified official wear for most mens and also women including children. The fabric material is preferred due to the fact that it isn’t limited to only one style, but rather it has varied classification, patterns and designs. This specification about this kind of clothing has made a lot of folks to have interest in this product. 

Though there are many things to delineate on senator materials, but that was a short overview of this kind of clothing material. As we progress, you will know more about senator wears and materials. But for the purpose of this write-up, we will be more explicit on the best tailor for this kind of clothing material in the country.

The Best Senator Materials Tailor in Nigeria

Naturally, senator materials is a very important clothing that needs the working of professional tailors in getting the job done. This involves highly skilled fashion designers who can create the best wears out of the cashmere materials.  There have been some recurring queries about the preferred tailor to make the best out of senator materials in Nigeria. For this reason, this write-up has become significant and has prompted us to delineate on this issue. Without exercising much on this, we will highlight the best senator materials tailor in the country and also the services offered.

Below is the rundown of the best senator materials fashion designer in Nigeria;

Deji and Kola Clothing

Deji and Kola Clothing is arguably the best fashion designer with respect to coverage and services. The tailoring outfit has been a unique brand in the Nigerian fashion industry over the years. Their products and services are just as outstanding amongst other bespoke tailors that talk through sewing of wears including senator. The fashion designing firm, in the few years of existence, has changed the manner in which individuals feel and see the fashion designers in the country.

Being a main fashion designer in Lagos, Deji and Kola Clothing center around top notch sewing in Nigeria and spreading their style across even to international countries especially in West Africa. This clothing brand was built up with the expectation to have a presence in each African home. To attain this aim, the tailoring outfit fabricates a really African dressing brand with incredible effect on how the people communicate through their dressing. This impressive style domain is helped to establish by Ayodeji Adebayo and Olabintan Kolapo. This is the team behind Deji and Kola Clothing. The brand name was coined from the name of the founders. However, the was exerted and separated from the team names Ayodeji-Deji and Kolapo – Kola, to be presently known as Deji and Kola Clothing. The fashion designing company has a good number of staff that facilitate the running of the business. On the whole, the firm offers huge administrations beside the primary tailoring and prepared to-wear fabrics. 

At Deji and Kola Clothing, service is rest assured due to the quality of their products. They have adult clothing, men’s wear and prepared-to-wear outfits, which means they just smoothed out in bespoke male wears which also include senator wears. Among different kinds of their designs, there are senator wears, customary local clothing types, etcetera. They also engage in the sale of these clothing. Moreso, the mode of service of Deji and Kola Clothing reflects the fact that they are 100% tailors, and not couture. The objective of the fashion designing firm is to produce very good quality clothing and high standard materials. Also, the company majors on tailoring outfits which incorporate Corporate, Casuals, Traditional, Uniforms and different types of clothing.

The services offered by Deji and Kola Clothing is very fast and it’s a JIT (Just in Time) process. The service covers from idea conceptions, research, designs, cutting, sowing, packaging to distribution of the fabrics clothing. The fashion designing outfit can be located at 17, Wale Taiwo Street, Magodo, GRA Phase 2, Shangisha, Lagos. They also have an office in the United Kingdom: 37 Strand House, Mebury Close, London, LND, GB, SE28 0LU. You also visit their website to get in touch with the tailoring company.

Other notable senator materials tailor in the country include;

  • OAK Designs Ltd
  • Divine Endowments
  • House of Cush Stitches

And the rest of other fashion designing outfits.


The work of fashion designers is the most important aspect in getting a clothing material done. Typically, senator materials tailors do the following:

  • They cut and measure fabric according to a pattern or design
  • Sew the clothing by hand, using a needle and thread or with sewing machines
  • They also fit the senator wears or materials on customers to determine if additional alterations are necessary
  • Some senator materials tailor specialize in a certain type of garment, such as custom made men’s cashmere suits.

Nonetheless, there are lots of senator materials tailor that deal on this kind of clothing in Nigeria. In your bid to get the best the senator wears, it is preferable to go for the best tailor to get the job done. This article outlined the best senator materials tailor in Nigeria, and we believe this will give you a guide in getting the best senator wears.


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