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The Best Fabric Color Combinations for Wedding

Indeed! You would want your nuptials to be colorful with some level of uniformity. With all the different collection colors in the world, the little hitch will be in settling for the best match. Of course, a wedding dressing style must be in code and uniform. In attaining this, the color of the wedding cloth fabric should have a good combo that matches in all.

To give you a guide on this, this write-up will be explicit in highlighting the best fabrics color combination for wedding ceremony. This will in turn help you in chromatic and a uniform wedding clothing style.

Fabric Color Combination for Weddings

There are many ways in which you can blend colors for your wedding outfits. Inasmuch as it may seem easy to do, rather, it involves having a good knowledge of this color combo. Doing a wrong mixture of colors can lead to having an odd and awkward display of colors, which you would not want. The following writings will be highlighting the best ways to combine fabrics color especially for wedding Ceremonies.

More so, your wedding color scheme will set the tone for the ‘big day’ ceremony, in that a wrong combo will spoil the show. Selecting darker hues are more formal and can be considered more perfect, refined and stylish, while the lighter are also playful and romantic in appearance. By mixing and combining different shades of the colors, you can achieve all sorts of different tones and settings to help set the best style for your wedding. But first, you must have the knowledge of which particular color combo blends well for your occasion. Below are some gorgeous color combinations that are sure to fit your upcoming nuptials.

Mint, Gold and Peach Combo

There’s no doubt that for the past few years, mint green has been an ultra trendy color for wedding ceremony. The color is often chosen because of its light and fascinating look, adding with its versatility as a pastel cool color. This adaptable feature makes the color to be easily paired with most other shades of the rainbow colors. When pairing a mint green color with gold, both matte and sparkly, as well as warmer pastel tones such as peach, they look pretty nice and admiring. This is enough to be eye-catching due to the contrast of warm versus cool colors in pastel tones. On the whole, these three colors are unique, striking of a difference, and they create a gorgeous rustic wedding range of colors. These alluring features makes us to put them as a good option for your ‘big day’.

Emerald and Ruby Combo

Surprising, isn’t it? You are not outside by having your wedding colors to be red and green. This two colors shows some fascinating vibes with the rich jewel tones like emerald and ruby color blend. This color combination can as while serve as complementary moody wedding colors. Then how can you mix this? When planning your wedding color theme, it preferable to opt for deep shades of green and red colors. Leaning into the jewel tones will make your mix of colors look fascinating and luxuriously elevated. That’s why we prefer you look into combining the emerald and ruby for you wedding occasion.

Pink, Grey and Ivory Combo

This is a color mix we wouldn’t stop optioning for you, because of its great looking for ceremonies like wedding. It’s one other fabulous combination of pastel and neutral hues in the colors of pink, grey and ivory. For some long time now, pink and grey have been mixed together as a beautiful contrast of light and dark, and it’s complemented with the neutral shade of ivory to complete the mix of colors. No matter what shade you choose to go with for either color, the pair will still look great when mixed together, and this is the best part about the pink and grey colors. Additionally, you can also go for the baby pink and charcoal grey, as they all go hand-in-hand just as dark pink and light grey. This color combo is perfect for a soft and romantic look at your wedding, because of the degree of lightness of these colors.

Navy, Yellow and White Combo

You wouldn’t mind having a yellow and white colors adding with the navy blue for your wedding. This is a preferred color combination which you can have for your wedding ceremony. These colors are also perfect if you’d like to channel a nautical theme in your wedding. The navy blue and the white will certainly do best on this. The yellow color will be added for a pop of brightness so as to enhance and diminish the nautical effect. It preferably you use a pale yellow to maintain the nautical theme, or rather go for a bright or dark yellow for a totally different feel with more deep appearance. There is no question that these three color combo: navy, yellow and white are gorgeous colors that go perfectly together on weddings. This is also regardless of whether or not you are trying to achieve a certain theme or style for your ceremony.

Coral, Teal and Light Grey Combo

Some year back, precisely in the year 2014, two of these colors: coral and teal were very popular colors for this event. The significance is not extinct but rather its complemented with a coral color to pair amazingly all together. With all these colors, they are a display of fun and they coordinate well with a light grey to balance out the display of colors.

Generally, this color combo is ideal for a mid-year outdoor wedding, as these shades are sure to create a fun and happy atmosphere for any wedding ceremony or reception. Also, the contrast between the first two colors added with the basic neutral of light grey is a beautiful color scheme and displays a love bright scene. All these features about the coral, teal and light grey colors mix makes it a good combination for your wedding day.


A smart color scheme is indeed the requisite of the starting base of your wedding planning. This goes to show how your day will be in colors. Of course, you can’t do a wedding with only one color. Whether you’d like a subdued, elegant wedding or the bold party, colors will essentially help tell your story. Outside the normal colors worn by the couple and the rest of the people, these color combo is specifically for designs of the wedding scene and the environ. It’s preferably, you apply these colors on the wedding and reception halls, and don’t forget to select a matching combo with the dressing color. After letting you know the best fabric color combination for weddings, that’s the size of this write-up.