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How to Identify Quality Ankara Fabrics

The introduction of ersatz ankara fabrics into the market has made a lot of people question the quality of these clothing materials. This has resulted in the variance of these fabrics, which has in turn made users contemplate on how to distinguish the good from the phony products. Nevertheless, there are still possible solutions to this menace, as this write-up will give a guide on how to identify quality Ankara fabrics.

Ankara is basically an African wax print which is the most common material for clothing on the continent, especially in West Africa. It is also known as Dutch wax prints, due to its originality. Ankara  fabrics are industrially produced as colorful cotton cloths and are produced with batik-inspired printing. The intriguing feature of these ankara materials is the lack of difference in the color intensity of the front and back sides. Also, the wax fabric of these clothing can be classified into categories of quality due to how it is manufactured and the processes involved. 

These sets of African prints known as Ankara, are distinguishing in nature and the qualitative ones are known to be colourful, vibrant and elegant. They incorporate good features which allures people to look out for when shopping for these fabrics.

Identifying Quality Ankara Fabrics

From the vast collection of Ankara clothing in the market, how then can one know which is truly the best quality? In determining this, there are many things to put into consideration. This involves from physical examination to the survey of the Ankara fabric. To give you a detailed information on this issue, the following is the rundown of mediums to identify quality Ankara fabrics in Nigeria;

Water Test for Ankara Fabric

Ankara fabric is just like the normal fabric, in the sense that if it’s doctored, then there is a tendency of it being colored in water. In relation to this, the easiest technique or method by which you can spot a lower quality Ankara is to dip it into water and squeeze. After doing this, just observe the color of the water. If the dye comes off and shows in the water, then it is of lower quality. Additionally, in a situation where your African print fabric or clothing does not easily absorb water, then, it may be far from being a good quality product.

As such, to easily identify the quality Ankara prints, simply take a little water and pour it on the fabric. Just do the normal observation: if the ankara print is of good quality, then it will certainly absorb water and if not the reverse will be the case. Nonetheless, a quality and genuine African prints or Ankara fabric should be able to absorb water and dry up easily. 

This is one of the means to identify a quality Ankara fabric, let’s take a gander on other possible solutions.

Quality Ankara Texture is Usually Soft

Due to the nature of the ankara clothing, a good and quality product should be soft when felt with the hands. These ankara prints prove to be one of the softest clothing material to touch, even despite all of its strength and resilience. Taking an inference from this observation, the easiest way to distinguish a quality Ankara fabric is to simply touch it. This is if you’re looking at high quality products. This test does not take time as you can do it in just a few seconds! Give the Ankara fabric a test by putting it in between the hands. From here, do the normal observation, if the material is smooth and soft, then it is a good one.

To add to this, a quality Ankara fabric can also be easily crumpled and quickly restores its shape, it means that the Ankara you’re holding in your hands is top quality material and will be great to work with and wear or even use for furniture

Identify the 100% Cotton African Prints

An original Ankara fabric will certainly be made fully of Cotton. Any clothing that is of this kind is certainly a good and reliable product. This is because cotton is the best type of fabric, due to the fact that it lasts long and absorbs moisture. Cotton is also essential in that it keeps the body temperature stable and also suitable for people with very sensitive skin features.

On the whole, it is very comfortable as it feels very soft and cool on the body. Most Ankara prints  made fully of Cotton are the best, but however, they do not only come in cotton fabrics. A good number of Ankara fabric  can also be made with satins, silk, denim, etc.

Resistance Test for Ankara Fabric

The resistance of a fabric is the ability of the product to withstand manual scratch. A good Ankara fabric of high quality will have excellent resistance, in the sense that it won’t be easily torn from abrasive movements. Unlike the low quality materials, quality Ankara prints won’t be scratched or damaged from accidental abrasive movements that are carried out on the clothing. To test a Ankara material’s resistance, you can simply do a light scratching of the fabric with your nail or a coin. After doing this ensure to see some observation on the affected parts. Check to see whether there’s a mark, and subsequently determine its quality.

Moreover, quality Ankara or African prints must always pass the resistance test. To ensure you are buying the right product, ensure to always do this. At the point of purchase, you could scratch the surface to see if it leaves a mark. The result will certainly tell you about the quality of the product. If it does not leave a mark, then it is a quality fabric, and on the other hand, a doctored Ankara prints will always be of low quality materials.


Ankara is the most used clothing material not just in Nigeria, but extensively to the African continent at large. This has made the fabric to be one of the favorite clothing materials for millions of users. The intriguing characteristics of this clothing material is that it is known all over the world for its irresistible bubbly colors and vibrant designs. Nevertheless, the good story about Ankara prints often change with the advent of phony kinds of these fabrics in the market. So as to keep you abreast, we’ve encapsulated the means of how to identify quality Ankara fabrics. This will help you to settle for the best option.