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Best Way to Select Aso-ebi for Weddings, Burial and Other Occasions

Aso-ebi is one clothing that is very prevailing in the Nigerian fashion. This kind of fabric clothing is a trend, as a lot of people opt for it in their occasions and ceremonies. Considering the uniform of aso-ebi clothing, it can be applicable for weddings, traditional marriage, burial and other ceremonies that requires Ankara style. With the vast nature of aso-ebi clothing, a lot of folks have been inquiring on how to select this fabrics for different occasions.

This article will cover the best ways to select aso-ebi for weddings, burial, casual, and other ceremonies.

What’s Aso-ebi?

Though the name may seem unpopular, but the reverse is the case in its uses, as this type of clothing is very conventional in the country. However, before emphasizing on this topic, it’s pertinent we breakdown the exact definition and origin of Aso Ebi. This will help the oblivious ones know what this is all about. Aso ebi or Asoebi which is pronounced “ASHO EYBEE”, from the Yoruba dialect, is basically a Nigerian/African outfits made from matching fabric to be worn by a group of people to an occasion.
Etymologically, “Aso” in Yoruba implies fabric and “ebi” signifies family, so Aso ebi can be depicted as a family clothing normally worn during ceremonial services or family functions. This includes ceremonies, parties, and most importantly as it’s always used for weddings and burials.
The matching outfit of Aso-Ebi has made it a must-have in every Nigerian wedding and burial occasions.
With it much patronage, it doesn’t look like it’s going away and leaving soon. Aso-ebi is becoming a fashion trend, and irrespective of tribe or religion, the importance of this kind of clothing can’t be overemphasized.
Moreover, Aso-ebi is a traditional outfit and a uniform dress that is customarily worn in Nigeria and some West African countries. This type of clothing is of great significance: as a pointer of uniformity and solidarity during functions and ceremonies.

Why Aso-ebi?

The reason for wearing the dress can be to fill in as self-distinguishing and uniform of a certain category of people during an event. It’s always a dress code for age mates, family members or companions during social events or burial services. Be that as it may, the aso-ebi is at present, past family dressing since a good number of outsiders also wear this kind of clothing for their functions.
Additionally, wearing a certain Aso Ebi recognizes the gathering of wearers. In marriage ceremonies the style of the aso-ebi is always distinguishing from the bride to the groom companions. Typically at weddings, the different textures for the aso ebi are chosen by the lady, and are then reported to the chose visitors months ahead of time so they can set up their outfits. On a whole, the Aso ebi style of clothing is a discretionary augmentation of the wedding party or any other ceremonies like burials. To complement the uniqueness, the outfit can be sewn in any style that the user would prefer. Truth be told the more imaginative, the better! It simply needs to fit that material. All this have shown how aso-ebi is very significant in the country’s fashion and clothing.

Best Ways to Select Aso-Ebi for Weddings and Burials

Aso-ebi is very significant in the Nigerian occasions and a lot of people opt for them. With the market full of various classification of aso-ebi clothing, it may be quite hard to select the best match. Moreso, choosing the best Aso-Ebi design/fabric for your event is very important, as it will create a uniformity in the style of dressing on the day. To get you on this, there are things needed to be considered when choosing an Aso-Ebi for your wedding and burial ceremonies. The following will give a guide on the best way to select aso-ebi for these events.

Asoebi for Weddings

In Nigerian weddings, you can easily distinguish a certain group of people from the other. This is because there are many styles of uniform that represents the different class of people in that ceremony or event.
This is the beauty of asoebi in ceremonies.
The bride and the groom will have a distinguishing unique asoebi dress. This will be a style quite similar and relating. The bride friends wear a uniform and distinguish asoebi dress with a matching gele (head-wraps). This is complemented with a matching beaded necklace to add to the beauty. In the other way, the groom’s friends are not left out of the trend. You will certainly recognize this kind of people with their matching outfits in styles, color and designs. Other types of guest that are spotted with asoebi dressing includes the couple’s relatives, friends and colleagues. All these goes to show the uniqueness of the asoebi style of dressing.

Aso-ebi for Burial Ceremonies

The style of dressing in burial ceremonies is similar to that in weddings. The only variation is the color, style and generally the people who wear this clothing. Typically, in a Nigerian burial ceremony, you will recognize important sects of people with their distinguishing code of dressing. The family of the bereaved always wear a unique and uniform asoebi clothing. Other people in the event, like the friends and immediate relatives, wear a uniform and distinguished dressing all in asoebi style.

What’s the Best Way to Select Asoebi for Occasions and Ceremonies?

Having read from the beginning of this article up till now, you can relate how to select asoebi for any occasion. Since asoebi is a distinct style of dressing for a particular sect of people, the selection should be based on these users. The best way to select asoebi for weddings, burials, or any other occasions, is by identifying a good style for the various category of people that will wear the dress on the event. This will help to show uniformity and give an alluring dress code.


That’s it! Now you have known what involved in selecting asoebi for your wedding and burial ceremonies. It would be more beneficial to know the variables involved in choosing an asoebi for these occasions. You should consider these things before picking your Aso-Ebi: your wedding theme, quality of the fabric, color, and the cost of the material. All these when considered, will help you get the best selection. That’s how much we can take on this, as we have been able to give a guide on the best way to select asoebi for your ceremonies.