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Why Does African Fabrics Color Run? How to Prevent Your Ankara Fabrics from Running Color

Off course, you will get irritated when discovering that a new cloth you bought suddenly run it color in a short while. This may not be entirely your fault, as this piece will give you the knowledge of what to do in this situation. Normally, when a clothe fades or run in color, it reduces the quality, attraction, colour and beauty of the clothing. Most African fabrics like Ankara are made from cotton, and this prone to sometimes depreciate in color.

Also, a good number of these paper-like Ankara fabrics often run (wash) in color. Interestingly, to avoid these menace, we have come up with this article about why and how to prevent African fabrics from running its color, so that it will give you a guide.

Why African Fabrics Run in Color

Presumptively, some people think that when a clothe fades in color, then it’s from the producer. This has made a lot of the oblivious ones to keep on blaming the manufacturers of the fabric, not realizing that this is not entirely the cause of fabric fading in color. Most times people sometimes come up with the believe that the reason for the fading of African fabrics is as a result of the quality of the fabric. That’s quite what it’s all about and you may be right, but not entirely right though. The durability of any fabric or apparel is not solely a function of its quality, but rather it entirely lies on its use. In the normal sense, the fading of clothes reduce the quality, attraction, colour and beauty of fashion and as while the clothing itself. This fading can happen to any clothe as it is not only limited to African fabrics. You can try it out on any other clothing and see the resultant of it. Rather, the only solution is by preventing it. Additionally, if you for once peek into the sewing business or very observant, then you would realize that some clothes fade, while others run or wash in color.

Deducing from all what is stated above, we can now be able to attempt the question of ‘why does African fabrics color run?’. The reason why some African fabrics like Ankaras and Kitenge clothing run or fades in color is due to the materials that made the fabric. Also, some material may last for some few years on buying them, but later will wash in color due to over use. Another viable reason for color fade is how the clothing is used and most especially the washing pattern.

Interestingly, after much researching and trials, which have been by getting knowledge from various reliable sources on this issue, we have been able to compile possible solutions to prevent African fabrics from fading.

How to Prevent African Fabrics from Running its Color

There are possible solutions to African fabrics running in color. We have simplify these things so that you can now have your clothes stay longer without fading. Below is the rundown of how to prevent African fabrics from running its color;

Buy Quality African Fabrics

In your quest for the best quality African fabrics, always leave the cheap one and go for the best quality. This is the most significant in getting a fabric that won’t run in color. By this, always abstain from purchasing modest Ankara fabrics. The thought process of numerous people is simply to bring in cash. So as to achieve this, they take out a white bit of fabric, blend it in with custom made colors, and disperse it to the market, at cheap rate. By this, they wouldn’t care much about quality. 

Abstain from washing African ankara fabrics with Hot Water 

Regardless of whether it’s a plain fabrics or any other one, it is advisable to always attempt to abstain from washing the clothing with hot and boiling water. Why? The explanation is that boiling water has a high temperature and high inclination of decimating the colors in these African fabrics. A lot of these fabrics are made of colored cotton, and this color isn’t to be exposed to high temperatures. 

Wash fabrics separately 

It’s preferred to always arrange and sort your clothes before washing. This guarantees its toughness isn’t diminished. In making the best, always ensure that you separate light garments from dim ones before doing the washing. In the event that you are washing just white garments, make an effort not to incorporate some other colored, to keep away from stories that touch. 

Don’t wash ankara too frequently 

To avoid you clothing from fading, it’s of your best interest to always avoid successive washing of your African fabrics. The explanation is that an excess of introduction of the colors in the fabrics to the cleanser or washer, will make it wear off rapidly. You can alternatively hang these clothes out, as this is a successful method to abstain from washing it. 

Avoid Bleaching ankara fabric 

Often times, when we get a little stain anywhere on our clothes, and the following thing we consider is “Hypo”. All things considered, subsequent to applying hypo (dye) to your preferred African fabrics, you may wind up gaining for a fact. So as to forestall that, it is advisable not to dye colored clothes.  Regardless of all these things, the utilization of vinegar to your water before washing can do a little important help. Also guarantee you purify your clothes washer, in any event once every month by adding vinegar so as to keep the clothing for a long time. 

Use Mild Detergents to wash  

As much as could be expecting the best out of your African fabrics, always abstain from using harsh cleansers or detergents to wash your clothes. The harsh synthetic substances in these cleansers respond with the color in the garments, making it strip and wear off. This makes your Ankara clothes blur rapidly. On the off chance that you need to wash your Ankara texture, guarantee that you use a mild detergent or a bar cleanser. 

Do not Expose Your Ankara Fabrics to Excessive Sunlight 

Typically, exposing any cotton or fabrics to outrageous temperatures will sequentially lessens the quality and strength of the materials. In other to get the best from your African fabrics, it preferably to ensure that you don’t leave it in the sun for a really long time.  Additionally when optioning for a dryer as an alternative to sun drying, guarantee that you stay away from over-drying your African fabrics in the dryer. 


From this write-up, we believe you now learn something about how African fabrics like Ankara, Kitenge, and other clothing run or wash in color. This article exercised much on why does African fabrics color run and how to prevent these African fabrics from running in color. That’s the size of this write-up.