Invictus Games 2024: What Harry & Meghan's Friends Will Wear

Invictus Games 2024: What Harry & Meghan’s Friends Will Wear

The 2024 Invictus Games is scheduled to be hosted in Nigeria and this is set to promote a high level of inspiration and attention of the international society.
The opening ceremony will indeed be the center of attention for many and everyone will be watching not just the competition but also the fashion choices of Prince Harry (the one who initiated the idea of the Games) and Meghan Markle as they come with their circle.

This year promises artistic or creative merging of international fashion and a gesture of respect to the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria. It’s time for an eyeful of Ankara, the unique African print fabric, that merges a royal appeal.

About the Invictus Games

The Invictus Games is annual global multi-discipline sports competition for wounded, sick and injured armed forces personnel which was launched in 2004 by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. It will be organized this year 8 May, 2024, as programmes will take place at different venues in Nigeria.

Invictus Games 2024: What Harry & Meghan's Friends Will Wear

Invictus Games 2024: What Harry & Meghan’s Friends Will Wear

Invictus‘ means ‘unconquered,’ and is a metaphor for the inner strength of all athletes participating. The Invictus Games Foundation is about to make the best possible sport use by rehabilitating injured service men and women, as well as a raising a bigger awareness and respect for military service in country.

This is a multi-sport event, which is planned for the servicemen and servicewomen who suffer from the illness, injury or other causes that take them from active military service, attended by teams from the participating nations. They participate in a number of adapted sports such as sitting volleyball, rowing, athletics, swimming, archery, powerlifting, and so on.

Invictus Games, in its essence, is a lot more than a mere competition. They are more than just an emblem; they indeed are a preserver of the value of life for those drained of their energy in the field. As the Games continue, they chance is there for the human spirit to be seen in the behavior of competitive athletes who in spite of their struggles are able to overcome their difficulties through peaceful sports competitions.

Nigeria – nicknamed “the Giant of Africa” – is just a perfect venue for this very event. The country in question is incredibly diverse with its multi-colored culture, a young sporting fraternity, and an unyielding spirit in tune with the values of the Invictus Games.

A Look at The Royal Wardrobe: What do Prince Harry and Meghan Wear?

The details of what Meghan Markle will be wearing are always hidden behind a veil of mystery. However, the combining of her polished and iconic look with a light hearted Nigerian touch is almost guaranteed to be revealed. Imagine a mini dress or skirt suit in an assortment of appealing Ankara fabrics, perhaps featuring additional designs such as embroidery or beadwork. She may enhance her look with colorful and well as eye-catching earrings or necklaces that reflect local handicraft.

Prince Harry, smart casual by choice, will follow the classic standard. He might go for a suit or shirt with chinos, if these were at the top of his wardrobe. Nonetheless, a hint of Nigeria wouldn’t be missing. Maybe a handkerchief of Ankara print or a cultural corresponding detail could be most effective of all.

What to Wear to the Event: Black and White with Yellow Glittery Ankara

Indubitably, one of the fabrics certain to be a favorite in the store for Harry and M’s friends is ankara, a very patterned cotton which is known for its special cultural importance.

The official native uniform to be used for the event is the Black and White with Yellow Glitters Ankara. You can order yours from our online store at an affordable price.

Ankara prints, which are usually adorned with geometrical patterns or floral designs, make the base of Nigerian fashion style. One of the standout options could include the black and white Ankara with yellow sparkles.
These colors present an original composition in which the elegance of the white and black base meets the glittering gold of the yellow glitter, which contributes to a sense of playful sophistication.
The black and white denote the dress code of the event, and the yellow glitter brightens the dress into a fun twist of the Invictus Games motto, “I AM GAME.” We recommend finishing touches like a throw-on necklace and chunky bangles in gold to bring up the royalty factor.

Besides, Ankara, which is otherwise called African wax print, stands for, much more, than merely a textile, it’s a cultural emblem. Ankara will take the center stage during the Invictus Games with everybody having their wardrobe featuring this wear, from athletes to the officials, celebrities to the spectators.

A Fashion Show for All

There is always something spontaneous and special about attending the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games, as it also gives everyone a chance to show off their unique taste in fashion. Here are some ideas for those attending or simply wanting to celebrate the spirit of the Games:

  • For the Ladies: The maxi dress is an amazing summer staple – flowy and airy with a unique statement accessory is guaranteed to make heads turn. Alternatively, choose a frisky Ankara skirt together with a quiet blouse or a top.
  • For the Gentlemen: A drummed-over Nigerian ankara robe will be the right style representation with a culturally superb print is a must choice. If you want a trendier touch in your look, go for a pair of Ankara trousers with a shirt or blazer for a more crisp appearance.
  • Accessories are Key: Add an amazing touch to all your outfits by draping yourself with Ankara-printed headwrap or scarves or bags or belts. Local artisans are proud of the beautiful costume jewelry they make so go for statement jewelry made by them!
  • Beyond the Clothes: Newcomers will be introduced to the significance of the quilt as well as learn about the rich history and culture of the community.

The Invictus Games are not simply about fashion. It is for building strong communities, strength and the spirit of mankind. At the event, cultures are mended and the glorious of Nigeria becomes obvious to the entire world. While visitors adorn themselves with the local fashion, they become an inseparable part of that torrid atmosphere and are indirectly giving honor to the host nation.

Final Thoughts

The 2024 Invictus Games to be hosted in Nigeria is designed to be an exposition of sporting power, cultural experience, and, of course, elegant fashion.
The gold glittering Ankara would be like the eclectic Kente that tells the story of resilience of the athletes and the cultural diversity of Nigeria under one umbrella.
Now, you’re going to enjoy the best of two worlds: playing and watching!


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