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How to Find Senator Fabric Suppliers for Fashion Designers

Finding Senator fabric materials suppliers in Lagos

Getting good quality Wool or Cashmere fabric also known as Senator fabric in Nigeria could sometimes proof to be quite difficult because there are several fake versions in the market. In some cases, 3 Star cashmere is sold to you as 7 Star cashmere, which has caused a lot of trust issues between designers and their customers.

Though finding a supplier can be tricky, especially if you are still growing, but you can find ways around it..

3 major ways of sourcing fabrics in Lagos: attend a trade show, use an agent, leverage personal connections, Balogun / Idumota market  and one newer one…the internet. https://ankara.com.ng//c/senator/

5 star cashmere
5 Star cashmere


Agents already have a network of factories and production sites they work with and have relationship with. For a fee, usually a percentage of sales, they can help you both source production and also manage your production. Find agents through trade shows, personal connections and the internet.

Personal Connections

Ask around. Go to events and conferences. Attend webinars. Build up as many connections as possible.

The internet

The internet presents both opportunity and challenges when it comes to sourcing suppliers. Senator has a wide range of quality wool and cashmere you can choose from to put that smile on your customers’ face.

Mills: They provide made-to-offer fabrics with minimums of thousand yards or more most of which are located in China.

Senator fabric Wholesalers:  There are several senator fabric wholesaler in Balogun market, but finding trusted partners amongst these traders is always a big issue. In most cases they cheat you on prices or give you low quality fabrics in place of what you’re actually looking for. Ankara.com.ng is here to help you solve that problem in addition to ensuring price stability for better production input analysis/calculation.

Jobbers: These are another category. They carry limited stock of excess fabric from wholesalers and manufacturers, and sell it at reduced prices. You have to be careful with this category as some don’t always have repeat fabrics. Once it’s gone it’s gone and you won’t be able to get it again.One of the best places to start your search for reliable suppliers is online. Websites of online suppliers usually list all relevant details, and this is a convenient way to locate what you need. Trade shows are another great place to find potential suppliers and see what their samples. We recommend you to buy from us @ www.ankara.com.ng because we are for quality fabrics, fast and reliable at service delivery. There are other website that deals in fabrics; jiji.ng , jumia.com.ng, konga.com and lots more.

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