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Ankara Asoebi 2024

Aso Ebi is a Yoruba word for uniform ‘event uniform’, mostly worn to felicitation with the celebrant during occasions. Ankara Aso Ebi which can also be termed aso-ebi ankara makes the event look so colourful and in most cases more organised, since event planners find it much more easier to recognised the different groups at the event for better service delivery to them. As the popular yoruba wedding slogan ‘eni o wo ankara o je semo’ which literarily means if you’re not in ankara uniform you won’t be served! Everybody wants to be serve at the party, that party jollof rice no go pass me bye..

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Custom made Aso-ebi ankara for a Catholic Church

Buying Aso-ebi ankara from the celebrant can also be a means of supporting or subsidising the cost incurred by the organisers of the event. Celebrants are known to make as much as 20% – 40% profit on Ankara Aso-ebi sales to friends and relatives. This has become a tradition and part of the culture of every Nigerian tribe.

The Igbos use aso-ebi Ankara mostly during elderly parents final burial rites. In most cases the first son of the family is responsible for the purchase. In this case, it is distributed for free to family members and friends most especially of the deceased.

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