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5 Ways to Maximise Instagram for Ankara Fabric Business in 2024

EFFECTIVE ANKARA HASHTAG USE: Ankara fabric business in 2019 will be more dynamic, Instagram users are now able to follow specific hashtags, example #ankarang #asoebi along with profiles, meaning that they can keep tabs on relevant conversations by using hashtags alone. The ability to follow hashtags adds a whole new element to your strategic considerations. Now, you can reach new audiences by using targeted hashtags, and expand your brand messaging by promoting your branded tags.
ANKARA FABRIC STORIES: Instagram Stories has also grown at a rapid pace, doubling its audience in Nigeria from 1 million daily users in January last year, to 2 million in November 2018. Additionally, Instagram upped the value of Stories in December by adding Stories Archive and Highlights functions. Now Stories content is kept indefinitely, and can be displayed in a new section on their profile, maximizing their use. See samples of our instagram story on @ find here
ANKARA PICTURE COMPOSITION & CONSISTENCY: Your fabrics images must standout, having a clear visual strategy is key to standing out! Focus on creative, imaginative images, and on great composition, this will help boost your Instagram performance, likely more than anything else. While it’s tempting to focus on newer tools like Stories and effects, keeping a consistent, picture quality is key to selling more ankara fabrics on instagram.
INTEGRATION OF DIRECT MESSAGES: More than 375 million people now use Instagram DMs each month – almost half of their entire user base. With the increased emphasis on DMs, and their rising usage, does point to an opportunity for savvy marketers to merge their interactions across to the more private, direct connection tool. Just make sure they want to talk to you, It works like fire!
INSTAGRAM LIVE: Instagram’s live feature has slowly evolved, and they’ve continued to add new innovations and options to make it more appealing. One recent development has been the addition of their ‘Live guests’ option, which enables you to go live with someone else. That added exposure provides new promotional opportunities, while the ability to have guests on your live-stream can also help ease the broadcasting process. Get the best Ankara wholesale deals from our store