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Prices of Ankara in Nigeria 2024: Reasons for Fluctuation

It is a well known fact that the World is evolving. For African and Nigerian fashion in particular, the change is in line with our ever fascinating demand for all things African, fabrics included. The demand and use of Ankara in Nigeria is ever increasing.

Local designers have however grown to accept this ever-trending market and now make various designs out of the Ankara Fabric.

There is no limit to the use of Ankara as Clutch purses, Bags, Belts, Shoes, Notebooks and even accessories such as earrings, bangles and Hair Packers and Bands are now made with this versatile fabric. A lot of Young people have delved into the business of making Ankara accessories, this has helped empower the youths and reduce unemployment, increase business ventures and employment opportunities, reduce poverty and while also showcasing the fashion savviness that Nigerians are known to have in abundance.
Thus, the Ankara trade Sector of the economy is a great goldmine of opportunities and you can be a part of it by ordering some of the most unique ankara designs has on display. Prices are quite friendly, and you can make upto 300% profit if you can produce very creative accessories.

Ankara fabric prices fluctuate in the market depending on the volume of stock the brand producer decide to produce for each design and the design acceptability by the public. Prices are known to increase by more than 100% in less than 2 months if a particular design goes scarce in the market. A N4,500 fabric could climb as high as N7,000 if demand outweighs supply.
At , we try as much as possible to maintain price stability by attempting to balance customer demand and supply using consumer behaviour scientific approach for stock control, thereby guaranteeing a fairly stable price all year round.