Trendy Ankara and Lace Combination Styles
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Trendy Ankara and Lace Combination Styles 2024

What are the hottest Ankara and lace combination styles for 2024?
Ankara and lace fabrics have been beloved for many years in African fashion. As we entered this year, fun new ways of combining these fabrics are emerging into must-have styles. This includes figure-flattering dresses to creative two-piece sets. You can also incorporate lace and Ankara together makes for head-turning looks.

Trendy Ankara and Lace Combination Styles

Trendy Ankara and Lace Combination Styles

Let’s explore some of the top ways to easily integrate lace with Ankara for beautiful looks!

Top Trendy Ankara and Lace Combination Styles 2024

Let’s explore some of the top Ankara lace combination trends you’ll be seeing everywhere this year!

Ankara Ball Gowns with Lace Detailing

For formal events like weddings, graduations, or balls, the Ankara ball gown is getting an elegant upgrade. Adding French lace designs to the sleeves, neckline or skirt elevates the vibrant Ankara fabrics.

Lace detailing on the seams or in floral cut-outs modernizes the ball gown style. The contrast between the patterns and textures make these ball gowns red carpet worthy!

Crop Tops and High Waisted Ankara Skirts

If you want to show some skin in a tasteful way, the crop top and high waisted skirt combination does the trick.

The crop top can feature a lace yoke, a lace hem or lace embellishments over an Ankara print. When it’s paired with a high waisted, floor length wrap skirt in complementing Ankara fabrics, it’s a stunning two-piece look.

Structured Ankara Pencil Dresses with Lace Accents

For the office or a night out, Ankara pencil dresses take on a new level of polish with strategic lace additions. Using black floral lace on the shoulders, sleeves or hemlines of tailored yellow, blue or pink Ankara pencil dresses makes them stand apart.

The lace acts as an edgy accent against vibrant structured dresses.

Ankara Jumpsuits with Lace Detailing

Lace detailing transforms the humble jumpsuit into a fashion statement. Adding stretch lace to the shoulders or neckline elevates solid color or Ankara print jumpsuits. Intricate black lace chevrons, florals and geometric designs contrast wonderfully with jumpsuits featuring Ankara prints.

The lace accents make jumpsuits with Ankara more intriguing and special.

Mermaid Maxi Skirts in Ankara and Lace Fabrics

Mermaid maxi skirts are a breezy, bohemian look that gets instantly dressed up when lace is incorporated.

Combining panels of lace and Ankara in flowing mermaid skirts creates visual interest and texture. The lightness of the lace plays beautifully against vibrant Ankara patterns. Belt the skirts high on the waist to really show off the combination of fabrics.

Long Kimono Cardigans with Ankara and Lace

Long, loose kimono cardigans lend themselves perfectly to creative fabric mixes.
Pairing swaths of French lace in the sleeves and back panel with bold Ankara prints in the front and sides creates a unique give and take.

The see-through lace contrasts with opaque Ankara fabric for an almost color-blocked effect. The femininity of lace works with graphic African prints beautifully.

How to Combine Ankara and Lace Fabrics Together?

Ankara and lace are two fashion staples on their own. But have you considered blending these fabrics together into eye-catching combo outfits? When stylistically paired, Ankara prints and pretty lace detailing beautifully complement each other.
Let’s explore effortless ways to fuse these gorgeous fabrics together for showstopping style:

  1. Use Lace to Accessorize Ankara Dresses: Strategically adding lace detailing onto solid color or Ankara print dresses keeps the look timeless. Adorn figure-flattering skater dresses featuring vibrant Ankara fabrics with pretty lace trim along the hem, sleeves or neckline. Compliment slim envelope dresses in classic Ankara prints with matching lace overlays on the shoulders or back.
  2. Incorporate Lace Panels into Ankara Separates: Ankara print two-piece outfit sets become infinitely more special when lace fabric panels are integrated. Mix things up by featuring an off-the-shoulder Ankara crop top with a high waisted midi skirt featuring a sheer lace bottom ruffle. Or don a fitted lace bodice tank tucked into wide leg pants boasting a vibrant African wax print.
  3. Use Lace to Layer Over Ankara Prints: Layering clothing items featuring lace fabrics over Ankara print pieces creates visually intriguing dimensions. Sophisticate a simple jersey Ankara sheath dress with a sheer floral lace overlay on top for added depth. Or level up an Ankara jumpsuit by wearing an embellished lace kimono on top.
  4. Accessorize with Lace Tights, Shoes or Bags: Don’t forget accessories as an easy way to incorporate lace details with Ankara outfits! Pair an Ankara swing dress with pretty floral lace tights or neutral crochet lace thigh highs to add leg-lengthening texture. Properly styled accessories like bags take Ankara and lace combo outfits to the next level.

Final Thoughts

That’s the trendy ankara and lace combination styles! So embrace these gorgeous Ankara and lace fabric combination styles this 2024!
There are lots of styles from romantic to modern looks. Incorporating lace elevates and enhances Ankara prints in brand new ways for the upcoming year.

The versatility of these combinations guarantees you’ll be seeing Ankara lace mixes at weddings, church events, girls’ nights out and everyday wear.
Stay on trend by working these gorgeous fabric pairings into your wardrobe all year long!


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