Best Yoruba Traditional Wedding Dress Styles for Bride and Groom

Best Yoruba Traditional Wedding Dress Styles for Bride and Groom 2024

What do Yoruba wedding dresses and outfits look like in 2024? Do brides still wear the wrap skirts and blouses from before? Do grooms still dress in agbadas? Some things stay the same but some new fashion happens too.
Let’s look at what is still worn and what is new.

Trending Yoruba Traditional Wedding Dress Styles for Bride and Groom 2024

Yoruba traditional weddings are known for their vibrant colors, rich culture, and glamorous dresses.

Best Yoruba Traditional Wedding Dress Styles for Bride and Groom

Best Yoruba Traditional Wedding Dress Styles for Bride and Groom

In 2024, we expect to see some new interpretations of classic Yoruba bridal attire as well as some contemporary takes on groom wear. Whether going fully traditional or adding modern twists, the wedding dress codes will surely be awe-inspiring.

For Brides

Iro and Buba

The Iro and Buba remains the go-to bridal outfit option among most Yoruba brides. The Buba is an embroidered blouse with loose sleeves and a neckline that can be round, v-shaped or square. The Iro is a wrappable skirt made of vibrant ankara or aso oke fabric.

This year, look out for Iro and Buba sets where the Buba sleeves have a structured look with more volume. The embroidery will move away from just the neckline to include the sleeves and whole body in some cases. Sequins and crystals will also feature prominently in the embellishments, giving them a luxurious feel.

Aso Oke

Aso Oke needs no introduction in the Yoruba wedding scene. It remains evergreen and beloved. But while some brides may stick to classics like Saki, Etu or Kennery white Aso Oke sets, others are choosing unconventional colors like silver, blue and champagne-toned Aso Oke.

The style also continues to evolve in different ways. Some modern Aso Oke wedding sets now come with feathers, fringe details, off-shoulder designs, and show-stopping trains instead of just head ties.

Iro and Gelle

This style features the Iro skirt as described above paired with a Gelle blouse. The Gelle is a bejeweled yoke that extends to create magnificent sleeves in the same fabric as the Iro.

As this wedding dress style rises in popularity, look out for more bold colors in 2024. Brides may even rock Iro and Gelle sets in the same vibrant ankara fabric for a uniform look. The Gelle cut is also getting slender with more fitting sleeves.

Fitted Bubas

For brides that prefer to show off their silhouette a bit more, fitted Bubas make a great pairing for the Iro. These slim fitting blouses add a contemporary vibe and can be paired with any wrapper skirt, be it atampa, aso oke or ankara fabrics.

This year, fitted Bubas will rise to prominence, ditching embroidery for cut outs along the sides and back. Figure-hugging styles with lower necklines and mermaid gown-like flares are also on trend.

For Grooms


The Agbada remains king when it comes to groomswear. However, the colors are becoming more adventurous, ditching classics like white or grey for bright blues, greens, purples and yellows. Still expect to see the staple vertical stripes on the sleeves but varying thickness and spaces in-between.

In addition, look out for Agbada styles made from lightweight fabrics like chiffon and lace rather than the typical heavier cloths. The outlines are also less boxy for a more flattering silhouette. Some may even come in two pieces like a suit with Kembe-style tops.


For grooms seeking a contemporary take on traditional wear, the Senator style delivers. The look comprises a blazer-like top, matching trousers and an accompanying Buba.

The rise of this style means more suit-like Senator sets made of ankara in 2024. And expect the addition of wedding accessories like bowties, lapel pins and pocket squares. Trim details in velvet, contrasting linings and color accents along the button placket add a dapper finish.

Dashiki suit/Kaftan Suit

Another modern groom style fusing western and African fashion is the Dashiki suit. It features a collared, long sleeved Dashiki top embellished with afro-centric embroidery. This is then paired with matching trousers.

To switch things up, expect to see shorter Kaftan style jackets or Nehru collars rather than conservative shirts. Some may also opt for jumpsuits rather than separates or high-waisted wide-legged pants. Colorful tribal and geometric motifs feature heavily throughout the fabric.


We see that old Yoruba fashions are still worn at weddings. Brides wear iro, buba, gele and aso oke from the past. Grooms wear agbadas too. But new fashions are mixed in. Brides wear more fitted dresses. Grooms mix suits with traditional dashikis. Couples add things like colors, beads and fabrics from 2024 too.
So Yoruba weddings have some modern fashion but they still keep much culture. Whether dresses look very old or add new trendy looks, Yoruba roots show through. This makes weddings bright, happy and connected to family history. Yoruba wedding styles will keep some old and some will change but traditions stay alive.


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