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Top 5 Trending Ankara Styles for Ladies in Nigeria 2024

What Ankara styles for ladies will be trending in Nigeria in 2024?

Ankara outfits are always popular fashion choices for Nigerian ladies. The colorful African prints allow for stylish clothing designs that represent culture and heritage.

In 2024, there will be new takes on classic Ankara looks along with modern and creative new styles.

From updated dresses to pattern mixes, what top 5 Ankara fashions will leading Nigerian women be wearing next year?

Top 5 Trending Ankara Styles for Ladies in Nigeria

Top 5 Trending Ankara Styles for Ladies in Nigeria

Top 5 Trending Ankara Styles for Ladies in Nigeria 2024

Ankara fabrics have become a staple in African fashion. The vibrant prints and colors of Ankara allow for unique and trendy clothing designs.

As we enter 2024, here are 5 of the top Ankara styles that are predicted to be popular among Nigerian women this year:

Ankara Skirt and Blouse Sets

Ankara skirt and blouse sets remain a go-to style option for many Nigerian women. The colorful matching top and skirt is a classic look that can be dressed up or down.

For 2024, bold and bright Ankara prints will be on trend. Skirt lengths will vary from midi to maxi for a more modern take on the traditional outfit.

Blouses are often designed with puffy sleeves, ruffles, or peplum detailing. The coordination of complementary colors and patterns makes skirt and blouse sets fun and fashionable. This style is perfect for both casual daywear and events.

Ankara Jumpsuits

Ankara jumpsuits are predicted to be a major trend this year. The one-piece outfit provides a head-to-toe look in a vibrant Ankara print.

Ankara jumpsuit

Styles for 2024 will include both loose and form fitting jumpsuits. Key features are billowy wide legs, off-the-shoulder necklines, and flattering wrap waist detailing.

Ankara jumpsuits can be dressed up for evenings out or worn casually with flat shoes or sneakers. The modern silhouette and striking patterns of Ankara jumpsuits will make them a go-to look for women in Nigeria this year.

Ankara Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses in Ankara fabrics are already popular, but they are expected to be even bigger in 2024.

Ankara Maxi Dresses

Floor length Ankara dresses allow women to fully show off the colors and designs of the fabric. Styles will vary from simple loose fitting dresses to more structured dresses with embellishments like ruffle trims and slit necklines.

Vibrant prints and colors as well as mixes of patterns and textures will be on trend. The maxi dress is a fashionable option for both formal and everyday wear.

Ankara Pants Sets

Ankara pants sets pairing printed pants with a complementary top will gain popularity in 2023. Drawstring pants, palazzo pants, and tapered fits will all be stylish in Ankara fabrics.
Tops can range from simple t-shirts to embellished blouses to make a distinctive outfit.

Ankara Pants Sets

Pants sets provide a trendy coordinated look for Nigerian women who love Ankara prints. Bold colors and patterns will be seen on glamorous pants suits for nights out as well as more subdued tones for daytime.

Ankara Skirts

From mini to midi lengths, Ankara skirts will have their moment in 2024 fashion. Pleated skirts swinging or hugging the hips paired with ruffle trim blouses will be a pretty combo. High waisted pencil skirts with colorful Ankara patterns will also be ideal for a chic professional look.

Ankara Skirts

For casual flair, Ankara skater skirts and A-line mini skirts will pair well with simple t-shirts or crop tops. The versatility and vibrance of Ankara prints on skirts will ensure they are a must-have item this year.

Ankara styles allow Nigerian women to proudly wear their African culture and heritage. The influx of Ankara in global fashion has given rise to many new and innovative clothing designs.
As Ankara continues to evolve as a fashion staple, 2024 looks to feature fresh takes on classic styles as well as brand new designs.

From dresses to jumpsuits to skirt sets, Ankara fashion caters to the diverse tastes of Nigerian ladies. The bright colors and bold prints of Ankara fabrics will ensure these looks make a lively statement in women’s fashion this year.


Ankara fashions let Nigerian ladies show pride in their roots while looking fabulously stylish. In 2024, traditional and contemporary Ankara designs will both be go-to choices.

As Ankara evolves in Nigeria, more variety and creativity will come. But timeless styles like the skirt and blouse will still remain popular. Nigerian women have talent for styling Ankara in exciting new ways.

With endless options in prints and patterns, 2024 will bring unlimited possibilities to create stunning Ankara outfits. What Ankara trends will you rock next year?


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