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The Comprehensive Guide to Sewing Ankara for Foreigners: Tips, Tricks, and Resources

Are you a foreigner then looking for a guide on how to sew Nigerian Ankara fabrics? Then you’re on the right page.

Nigeria has a thriving and rich culture, and this is also evident in its clothes. One of the most popular textiles in Nigeria is ankara, a wax-printed cloth distinguished by its vivid hues and designs. It’s used to make a huge range of clothes, from basic tops and skirts to ornate dresses and jackets.

There are a few things to consider for foreigners who want to learn how to sew Ankara. First, it is important to choose the right fabric.
Ankara fabric comes in a range of weights and textures, so it’s crucial to choose a material that will work for the item you want to design.

Secondly, while sewing Ankara, accuracy and patience are key. Because the fabric might be slippery, it’s crucial to pin it down firmly before cutting and sewing. It’s also crucial to choose thread that complements the colour of the Ankara cloth and a sharp needle.

And lastly, remember to have fun! The possibilities are unlimited when sewing Ankara, and it’s a gratifying experience. You may design distinctive and fashionable clothes that will highlight your individuality and your admiration for Nigerian culture with a little practise.

This article will teach you all the information you need to sew Nigerian Ankara like a pro, whatever of your level of sewing experience.

The Complete Foreigner’s Guide to Ankara Sewing: Resources, Guidance, and Tricks

Ankara is a colourful and adaptable fabric that can be used to make a variety of clothes, from basic tops and skirts to ornate gowns and jackets. It is also a rather simple fabric to sew, which makes it an excellent option for novices.

This article will give you all the information you need to get started if you are new to sewing Ankara. Everything from selecting the appropriate fabric and materials to making fundamental Ankara clothing will be covered. We will also present you a list of online resources with further knowledge and inspiration, along with some helpful hints and techniques for working with Ankara fabric.

Choosing the Right Fabric and Supplies

The sort of outfit you want to sew should be taken into consideration while selecting Ankara fabric. Ankara fabric comes in a variety of weights and textures, so it’s crucial to choose one that will work for the outfit you’re sewing.

For instance, you may use a lighter weight Ankara cloth to make a basic top or skirt. You may wish to use a higher weight Ankara fabric if you are sewing a more ornate outfit, such a gown or suit.

It’s important to take the Ankara fabric’s print into account. Ankara fabric comes in a variety of prints, ranging from intricate flower motifs to basic geometric patterns. Select a print that appeals to you and works well with the garment you are sewing.

To create Ankara clothing, you will also need the following materials in addition to Ankara fabric:

  • Sewing machine
  • Thread Needles Pins Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Ironing board and iron

How to Make Simple Nigerian Ankara Clothes

The whole thing starts in the market. Once you have chosen your fabric and supplies, you are ready to start sewing! You should also identify the quality of the ankara fabrics.
Here are some tips for making basic Ankara clothing:

  1. Iron and wash your Ankara fabric first. By doing this, you may lessen the likelihood that the cloth will shrink or pucker during sewing.
  2. Cut the Ankara cloth in accordance with the chosen design. Make sure to give a minimum of 1/4 inch for seam allowance.
  3. Sew the Ankara fabric together according to the pattern instructions. Make sure the thread you choose matches the colour of your Ankara cloth and that your needle is sharp.
  4. After the Ankara fabric is put together, use overcasting or zigzag stitching to complete the seams.
  5. Press the seams to create a finished look.

That is all! You can now wear your beautiful ankara fabrics.

Advanced Methods for Sewing Ankara

You may begin learning more complex methods for sewing Ankara after you have mastered the fundamentals. To help you get started, here are some:

  • Appliqué: The process of sewing one piece of cloth onto another is called appliqué. From basic geometric forms to intricate floral motifs, this method may be utilised to generate a wide range of designs.
  • Patchwork: This is a sewing method that involves piecing together smaller pieces of cloth to form a bigger piece. Many types of designs, from intricate quilts to basic geometric patterns, may be made using this approach.
  • Quilting: Quilting is a technique where you sew together three layers of fabric (top fabric, batting, and backing fabric) to create a quilted garment. You may use this approach to give your Ankara clothes more depth and warmth.

Tips and Tricks for Working with Ankara Fabric

The following are some pointers and strategies for handling Ankara fabric:

  • When sewing ankara cloth, it’s crucial to use a lot of pins since it might be slippery. To assist keep the cloth from sliding, you may also choose to use a walking foot while stitching.
  • It’s crucial to properly finish the seams since ankara cloth is prone to fraying. You can do this by overcasting them or zig-zag stitching them.
  • Use of a french seam could be desirable if the garment you are constructing has a lot of seams. The raw edges of the cloth are enclosed by this kind of seam, which prevents them from fraying.
  • You may wash ankara cloth in the washing machine, but you should use cold water and a gentle cycle. Additionally, you should not put Ankara fabric in the dryer.


That’s the size of this article!
You can now see that sewing Nigerian Ankara is a great way to create unique and beautiful clothes. If you are looking for a way to make these clothes last, you can read on how to take care of your ankara fabrics.
All you need to do to learn how to sew simple Ankara clothing is to refer to this guide’s suggestions and methods. You will also be able to make more intricate Ankara clothing with a little practise.


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