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How aso oke is made

Aso-oke is a traditional Yoruba fabric that is made by the Yoruba people of Nigeria. It is made using the strip-weaving technique, which involves the use of a horizontal loom. Here is a general overview of the process of how Aso-oke is made:

  1. Cotton is grown, harvested, and cleaned: The first step in making Aso-oke is to grow, harvest, and clean the cotton. This is usually done by hand using traditional methods.
  2. Spinning the cotton: Next, the cotton is spun into thread using a spinning wheel or a hand-held spindle. The thread is then divided into two, one for the warp (vertical threads) and the other for the weft (horizontal threads).
  3. Dyeing the thread: The thread is then dyed using natural dyes such as indigo, moringa, and other plants. The thread is dyed in different colors to create different designs and patterns.
  4. Weaving the fabric: The thread is then woven on a horizontal loom using the strip-weaving technique. The weaver passes the weft thread through the warp thread to create the fabric.
  5. Finishing the fabric: Once the weaving is complete, the fabric is taken off the loom and any loose threads are cut off. The fabric is then washed and ironed to give it a smooth finish.
  6. Designing the fabric: The final step is to add designs and patterns to the fabric, this is done by printing or embroidering the fabric.

Aso-oke is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, it is made using traditional methods, each step is done by hand, and it takes a skilled craftsman to make a high-quality Aso-oke fabric.

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