Aso Oke origin

Aso-oke is a traditional Yoruba fabric that is made by the Yoruba people of Nigeria. The term “Aso-oke” means “top cloth” and it is made using the strip-weaving technique.

The origin of Aso-oke can be traced back to the pre-colonial era in Nigeria, where the Yoruba people would make their own textiles using locally grown cotton. Aso-oke was originally made for personal use, but it eventually became a trade item that was sold to other ethnic groups.

Aso-oke is known for its durability and high-quality. It is often used for traditional Yoruba attire such as Aso ebi, buba, and iro. The designs and patterns of Aso-oke often reflect the cultural heritage of the Yoruba people and the fabric has become an important aspect of Yoruba culture.

Today, Aso-oke is still made using traditional methods and it is available in various designs and patterns such as plain, check, and stripes. It is widely used for traditional events and ceremonies, as well as for fashion and home decor.