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How senator material is made to agbada

Interestingly, agbada can be made from cashmere or senator materials. This makes it more appealing due to the beautifulness of the material. Agbada is one attire or clothing that is much prevalent in some parts of Nigeria. The popularity of this kind of clothing has made people wish to know how it can be made from senator materials. In this article, we will encapsulate the ways through which agbada can be made from senator materials.

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Before delving into the main thing, it’s pertinent to know what the keywords are. Here we mean senator materials and agbada. The duo are the recurring names in the Nigerian fashion industry. A look at these two though they may be distinct, but there is a relation.  This relationship has prompted the senator materials to be used in the making of agbada. In a short view of two: senator materials and agbada, the latter is a very popular attire in the south-westhern part of the country, while senator materials or cashmere is a fabric that is used in making senator wears in the country. As we progress in this article, you will have detailed information on the two keywords and how they relate.

What’s Senator Materials?

Definitely, you know what a senator wears, and from there the meaning of the materials can be deduced. Senator materials are basically a clothing material that is used for making senator clothes. It’s more or less a cashmere, which is the alternate name of senator materials.

Senator materials or Cashmere is a soft wool fabric lace from the hair of the Cashmere, or Kashmir goat. Softness is always characterised by this kind of clothing, as the fibres are very soft and silky to the touch. Typically, cashmere materials are used in making clothes, cashmere fabric clothing, sweaters, cardigans, shawls, and dresses, and also can be seamed into outerwear jackets and other types of dresses.

Moreover, senator materials are one of the laxest types of wool. Even though it is lightweight, it keeps the wearer relatively warm and cosy especially during cold seasons.  Top quality cashmere can last for many years without losing its quality and lovely appeal if taken good care of. Also, senator materials or cashmere yarn can be laced or woven into a variety of masses suitable for all sorts of clothes. Soft, lovely and appealing are few of the standout qualities of the fabric.  As such, if you consider making a nice clothing like senator wears, then consider cashmere because it will give you the perfect option.

What is Agbada?

Up until now, you have been seeing a lot of people, especially the Yorubas wearing a long gown-like garment clothing with matching trousers and cap. This is nothing more than agbada, which is a conventional wear among the tribe. More explicitly, Agbada is a four-piece male attire found among the Yoruba tribe in southwestern Nigeria. The attire is also found among some related groups in the neighboring Republic of Benin in West Africa. Typically, the costume or clothing consists of a large, free-flowing outer robe called awosoke, an undervest referred to as awotele, a pair of long trousers which is known as sokoto, and a hat called fìla. The outer robe-from which the entire outfit derives the name agbada, which means “voluminous attire”. The nature of the clothing is that it’s a big, loose-fitting, ankle-length garment. It has three sections: a rectangular centerpiece, flanked by wide sleeves. The centerpiece-usually covered front and back with elaborate embroidery-has a neck hole called orun and big pocket on the left side which is known as apo.

How Senator Material is Made to Agbada

From all what we earlier said about senator materials and Agbada, you now have the knowledge of what these clothing really is. Here will be a very important part of this write-up, which we will delineate on how senator material is made to Agbada.

There is no doubt to the fact that Agbada wears can be made from senator materials. The little odds on this is because Agbada is often made from some other materials other than this one. Normally, the most valued fabric for the ceremonial agbada is the traditionally woven cloth popularly called aso ofi (narrow-band weave) or aso oke (northern weave). These two fabric materials, especially the latter is mostly used for the making of agbada wears.

Rundown of How to Make Agbada from Senator Materials

Just as the normal making of agbada, utilizing the senator materials follows just the same process, but the difference is only on the type of material. Here is an overview of how to make or sew Agbada from senator materials;

  • Firstly, you have to prepare the primary material which is the senator materials itself. The equipment or work materials for the agbada making should be in place before you begin cutting and sewing the stuff.  Here is what you need to make your own Agbada: cashmere or senator materials, pattern paper, fabric marker or pencil, tracing wheel, measuring tape, and your measurements. The measurements you will take should be on four aspects: from the neck to the hand; around the chest; from the neck to the elbow joint; and from the shoulder to the knee (depending on the desired length.
  • Next will be to cut the senator materials that you intend using for your agbada. Now that you have your tools and measurements ready, the following step will be to cut the clothing. This is one of the most important parts of making an Agbada. Also, the pattern paper for the cutting should be as big as possible: you can use newspapers or wallpaper if you don’t have a professional pattern paper which is most preferred.
  • The completing procedure in making your agbada will be to sew the Agbada. After going through the above steps, you’ll be surprised to know that sewing is actually the easiest of all. How to do this is by tracing the pattern onto your senator fabric using a fabric marker or pencil and cutting the material along the lines. Fold the edges of the fabric and secure them with an overlocking machine or manually. After finishing the process, you can now decorate the neckline of the Agbada with an embroidery sewing machine. This should be done by embroidering a pattern manually or outsourcing the embroidery to the professionals. 

That’s it on how to make agbada from senator materials and generally on making the fashion attire from any other materials. Now your Agbada is finally ready to be worn! We believe that this write-up gave you an insight on how senator material is made to agbada.