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Which country produces the best quality African fabrics

From the popular Ankara and Kitenge clothing to other notable fabrics in the continent, all are categorised as African fabrics. These wax prints are very distinctive and colorful in appearance, which makes a lot of people go for it. Throughout the continent, there are various indigenous fabrics which have their distinct style of clothing. This write-up will investigate into the different collections of fabrics in Africa. From this, we will outline the country that produces the best quality fabrics in the continent.

What’s African Fabrics

Firstly, it’s pertinent to have the knowledge of what African fabrics are, before knowing which is the best. Basically, African wax print fabrics (which includes kitenge and ankara fabric) are mass produced, colourful, fully cotton cloth commonly worn and used to make clothing, accessories and other products in the continent. These fabrics are produced by the method called batik, a wax resist dyeing technique and ancient art form that originates from Indonesia in the Asian continent. 

The uniqueness of African fabrics is that the print design and colors look the same on both the front and back sides of the clothing. Also, the quality of the fabric depends on the type of cotton cloth used as well as the manufacturing processes employed to make it.

The African fabric craze has taken the world by storm. The demand for African fabrics has been growing annually since the day they first hit the global market. With a demand that is constantly growing, it leaves you asking: Where can I buy African fabrics?

The Uses and Application of African Fabrics

The application of African print fabric is very high, as it has many uses. This kind of fabric can be worn as it is by wrapping the fabric around your body like a towel. Another way of using the fabrics can be by making it as an apron when cooking or cleaning, for carrying babies on the mothers back. Complementing all of these uses, the African fabrics can be used for making modern African print clothing.

Moreso, the fabric can also be utilized in the making of cushions, curtains, bed sheets, napkins, quilts, lampshades, bunting for the home as well as in the production of accessories such as bags, shoes and jewellery. The versatility of African prints is very good, and the clothing’s application covers anything you can think of, as it can be made from using African print fabric. All of these goes to show that this kind of fabric is incredibly versatile and which reflects the beauty of it.

African Prints Fabric Styles and Designs

African Fabrics has a lot of many different print styles and designs, which change frequently at the markets in the continent. These products are very unique and it can be difficult to purchase the same fabric twice unless you purchase from a physical shop or the online stores. This is because of the different colors and designs that make up the fabric. Examples of printed fabric designs include: flowers, plants, animal print (particularly birds), tribal print African fabric and geometric shapes. All of these are what categorized African fabrics and give the beauty of it.

That’s it about African fabrics and it’s specification. We highlighted some of the intro about this kind of fabric. Since African fabrics are produced by the countries in the continent, it’s good to know which of these countries produces the best quality of these clothing products. The following will give detailed information on the country that produces the best quality African fabrics.

The Country That Produces the Best Quality African Fabrics

It’s quintessential that the quality of a product matters more than the quantity of the product. With a lot of countries known to produce fabrics, only a specialized country can provide the best quality product. By this, it doesn’t go to only the developed countries when the fabric is considered. But rather, it involves the country that provides customers with best quality fabric that edges what is obtained in others. It is most likely a country that has a higher share in fabric exports but most often they import raw fabric from other countries and then sell the finished products to the international market.

Typically looking at the production of fabrics, it is seen that the countries that are producing superior quality fabric basically lack marketing skills and enough resources to produce and export their fabric to the external markets. However, this doesn’t hitch them with their expertise of producing the best quality and best design fabrics. This is the basis of this write-up as we will highlight the country below.


Nigeria has very good fabrics and as for their designs. These include collections of indigenous fabrics like asoebi, ankara, aso-oke, and numbers of other clothing in the country. The West African country is one of the leading producers of best quality African fabrics.

Other Countries That Produces Best Quality African Fabrics:

  • Ghana: This West African country has one of the oldest African fabrics, Kitenge, which is equally one of the best fabrics in the continent. This goes a long way to giving the country a name in the fabrics industry. Naturally, Ghana is a country that has a very rich culture, enriched with gold, timber and oil. This is added by a significant thing, their unique way of dressing, which is one thing that stands among the people, from South to North of the country. Looking at the country’s fabrics, it is one of the most quality fabrics around the globe. Few of the popular brands like Kente and Batakari which is woven with a special instrument known among the Akan speaking people. The Ghana populace  have a unique way of weaving their cloth which is so special that the fabric can actually last long for years.  Most designs sewn from their material stand out in the world and are unique. Some actually speak of the beauty of which they are. Each of the designs have names and what they represent. With all of these attributes, there is no doubt that Ghana has one of the best fabrics in the world. Nowadays, with the African fabrics becoming popular, the world is beginning to see the quality of Ghana’s fabrics and designs
  • Morocco: This North-Afican country offers one of the best options with respect to quality African fabrics. Presently, Morocco is still producing the high-quality fabric that makes it a symbol of fashion for the clothes that are comfortable to wear in hot weather.

That’s the size of this write-up as we have been able to outline the country which produces the best quality African fabrics. We further broaden the list so as to incorporate other leading countries on this. The short rundown of what African fabrics is, was given in this piece.