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Where to Buy Lace Fabrics in Lagos

Lace fabrics is one essential clothing that you ought not miss wearing. With the growing numbers of demand for this product, a lot of clothing stores have ventured into the sale of this fabric. If you might be thinking of where to source your lace fabrics in Nigeria, then some notable places are available to give you options.

This article will investigate the lace fabrics stores in Lagos, which will give you the guide on where to buy lace fabrics in the city and extensively in the country.

Places and Stores to Buy Lace Fabrics in Lagos

A lot of people, especially those into the fabric business, have been enquiring on ‘where to buy lace fabrics in Lagos’. This has led us to come up with an article of this kind, so as to answer these queries.

Generally, there are many fabrics stores in the city of Lagos, but are all these the right place to buy lace fabrics? The answer will certainly be no. Inasmuch as fabrics stores are very product specified, then the tendency of having a whole lot of products stacking up will be less.

Though, there are conventional stores that have fabrics of different types and classes, it is always advisable to go for ones that majors on a specified product(s). This piece of writing will be more explicit on highlighting the stores or e-commerce websites that offer the best lace fabrics in the city of Lagos.

Below is the rundown of places and stores to buy lace fabrics in Lagos;

This is a prominent name on web-based fabrics matketing in the country. Thoug their name may seem that they are specifically designed for only ankaras. That’s not the case, as this is an online fabrics shop that offers a wide variety of fabrics ranging from Ankara fabric wholesale price, senator fabric, lace fabric wholesale price and different aso ebi fabrics. These their clothing are in varied styles and designs to choose from in making a decision. is not just a local online store in Lagos, rather, they partner with several international fabric brands to improve their stand in the industry. These include notable names like Vlisco wax, Phoenix hitarget, Daviva, Absolute Ankara , Chiganvy wax, Excellence ankara, Khalifa ankara, and several other popular fabric brands. One of the things that normally make people consider this fabric store is that they have a category and classification of lace fabrics which customers want.

Also, their service is efficient and swift, as they deliver customers orders in the next 24hrs within Lagos and a maximum of 48hrs for those outside the city.

Moreso, is a wholesale African ankara fabrics distribution e-commerce platform which is notable for shopping lace fabrics. The company has an objective to help fabric dealers, tailors and fashion designers across Lagos and extending to Africa. They intend to help them source diverse textile options at very competitive prices for better profitability; and also help the everyday consumer on diverse colourful fabric options at very competitive prices ‘B2C’. Their products include most African fabrics and also the lace fabrics.

Located at 1B Isheri Rd, Aguda Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, the e-commerce store came into the fabrics business in 2017, and they have recorded a high growth within the very short period. To achieve more than this, is constantly evolving and looking to offer their customers all the best possible options with respect to quality fabrics. They also intend to infuse new innovative ideas into their business process.

On the whole, this online fabrics store is preferably the best option for buying your lace fabrics, if you’re looking for a swift and reliable means.

Other Places to Buy Lace Fabrics

Aside from, here are some other stores where you can still buy your lace fabrics;

Bolmet Fabrics

Bolmet Fabrics is another notable fabrics shop in the city of Lagos, where you can source your fabrics. The firm is often attributed as the ‘fabric haven’— which are words that express what makes Bolmet Fabrics your one stop fabric destination in the city of Lagos. When it comes to quality, you can fairly distinguish their products from others. This has made way for queries like ‘why is Bolmet Fabrics unique from others?’, and there is no hidden fact in it. The reason for their distinctiveness is because they have a collection of the greatest fabric selection in their store(s). The inclination of the company on value and quality in order to satisfy the customers, has made a name for them and subsequently returned for more purchases for the firm.

Bolmet Fabrics engage in feasibility study of what fabrics customers need. This is obvious as they always look out for the best quality and unique fabrics from international brands and companies. This has resulted in making the company’s store always stocked with the most trendy and beautiful fabrics, especially on lace.

Additionally, Bolmet Fabrics is one place that you can buy your top quality lace fabrics in Lagos, and other areas in the country. If you’re contemplating on where to buy lace fabrics, Atiku Voile, Polish Lace, Guinea Broccade etc., then you can do a visit to the online or offline shop. This will help you to see a variety of lace fabrics and other products which they have in stock.

Bolmet Fabrics is located at 2 Adedeji Close, Off Opebi, Opp. Standard Chartered Bank, Ikeja in Lagos.

Mojola Oluwa Textiles

Mojola Oluwa Textiles is another place where you can source your lace fabrics. Located in Okosoko Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, the company is mainly into Clothing, Sample Laces, Tailors and offering Ankara Fabric, Curtain Fabric, French Lace Material and Fashion Designing. To get the best collection of lace fabrics products by Mojola Oluwa Textiles, take a visit to their address at 1, Okosoko Street, Eko Idumota, Lagos Island, Lagos.

Brasas Fabrics

We can’t forget to mention Brasas Fabrics here. This is because they have proven to be one of the places to buy lace fabrics in the country.  The company is mainly into Bridals, Clothing, Sample Laces and offering Brocade, Jacquard Lace, Metallic Lace. You can reach them to get your lace fabrics, by visiting 43, Martins Street, Behind Afribank Headquarters, Lagos Island, Lagos.


This article covered where you can buy lace fabrics in Lagos. We explicitly highlight the best places in which you can get the best deal on lace fabrics and other African fabrics.