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Micky Cutz Fashion Design

Micky Cutz is one of the leading brands in the fashion industry with its diverse way of offering fashion styles and designs to those who crave to stand out. Mickky Cutz is a fashion line that focuses more on fashion cruisers that always dream of standing tall from the crowd. Thus, leaving onlookers to deal with their ever glooming attires.
This fashion brand aims at making perfect sizes and rebranding you as a fashion enthusiast with its simple cuts and tunics of unisex Agbada and other traditional wears.

Mickky Cutz is the Executive Director of this endowed brand, she is popularly known as Adebanjo Michael. The award winning brand was established by Michael who has done so much in building himself a formidable fashion brand.
Following Michael’s passion for fashion, as the Creative director of Mickky Cutz, his persistence led to the birth of Micky Cutz brand that is today, soaring high round the Africa continent.

Core Speciality

As one of Nigeria’s top unisex brands, this fashion line specializes on aged, children, young and adult wears for male and female, that is, it offers unisex ready-to-wear and bespoke attires in various styles, sizes, and designs that represents the sophisticated looks one desire.


Micky Cutz has a diverse customers’ base. With its special styles of styling, the brand customers are not
limited to elites but also every fashion lover who longs for appearing exceptional.


As one of the top brands in the fashion industry that renders bespoke tailoring services, ready-to-wear outfits, this brand offers pocket friendly charges to lovers of its crafts.

Micky Cutz’s delivery is effective for all. With no doubt, the fashion line is always on point and never fails.


5, Odo Street, Obalende,
Ikoyi, Lagos State.
Phone: 0802 493 3440
Instagram: @mickkycutz Website: