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Abbyke Domina is one of the leading brands in the fashion industry with its diverse way of offering fashion styles and services to fashionistas.
Abbyke Domino is a fashion line that focuses more on fashionistas that always want to stand out from the crowd. Thus, leaving onlookers to deal with their (fashionistas) ever glooming attires.
Abike Adedeji is the Executive Director of this endowed brand, she is popularly known as Abbyke Domina.

The award winning brand was established in July 2013, and has done so much in building a successful brand.
Abike Domina’s passion for fashion led to the birth of this styling brand that is today, soaring round the Africa continent. Abbyke is a graduate of the University Of Lagos. Last born of a family of four.
Core Speciality as one of Nigeria’s top female fashion brands, Abyke Domina designs aged, young and adult clothes, meaning it offers women’s ready-to-wear and bespoke attires in diverse styles, sizes, and designs that represent the sophisticated woman.


As an award winning brand, Abbyke Domina has a diverse customer base. With her style of
styling, the brand customers are not limited to elites but also, other fashion lovers.


Estate Mall, Shop9/10, No 1 Castle Drive,
Mobil Jakande Roundabout Road, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.
Email: Abikeadedeji@Yahoo.Com
Phone: +234 810 261 6523