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Olat Trend Couture

Olat Global Trend Couture is not just your regular tailor, but a fashion brand which provide bespoke tailoring for fashion lovers of vogue trends.

Olat global Trend Couture renders efficient and astonishing cuts to fit for its customers with straightforward approaches. Therefore, providing one of the best sewing in the fashion industry in Lagos and beyond…

This fashion brand has been leaving several traces in building and enhancing styles through its unique desires to suit her customers styles of taste. This fashion label has proven beyond reasonable doubts that every-man on the street of Lagos is entitled to personal styling with high quality and low service charge (its mantra).


Olat Global Trend Couture formerly known as Olat Couture, aims at rendering bespoke cuts for every fashion lovers with high quality services with pocket friendly amounts to bring out their elegant looks. This brand has been in the fashion industry for two decades with efficient and fascinating services with sewing and styling of fabrics.

The brand’s founder Olarewaju Abdulateef, attended the school of fashion at the then, Yaba technology (Yaba Tech) and studied Economics at the Lagos State University (LASU).

However, Olat Global Trend Couture was coined from the Chief Executive Officer’s name; the ‘O’ stands for Olarewaju and ‘Lat’ represents Lateef.  This fashion apparel has had several collaborations with some leading fashion brands that have redefined fashion with several touches in nurturing passion for styles.


Furthermore, Olat Global Trend Couture specializes in English and traditional wears. 

  • This brand offers broad tailoring services for western and traditional wears. 
  • Thereby, earning the brand a global recognition as a bespoke tailor. 
  • Though the brand deals with unisex sewing,
  • It also extended styles of fashion beyond Nigeria designs, focusing on unique African styles.

Therefore, as a leading force that has been visible in the fashion industry, Olat Global Trend Couture has positioned itself as a formidable fashion empire with a wide clientele base across the African continent. Thereby, defining fashion through styles and fascinating designs. 

Though, this brand sew clothes to perfection, its clientele spread across premium to common customers. Whereby, offering quality and affordable styles to all fashion lovers.

Olat Global service

 The brand mostly offers standard tailoring, ready-to-wear clothing, considering the agreement of terms and conditions with customers while sewing of custom fabrics.

Terms of Delivery

This fashion apparel focuses on customers’ satisfaction; it prioritizes delivery, irrespective of the terms with her customers. Delivery often takes three to five working days within Nigeria.

Olat Global Charges

The label mode of service charges varies depending on the style and time frame demands. Meanwhile, the service charge for sewing fabrics are pocket friendly – charge less than 20, 000 naira for tailoring services.


18, Brown Road, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos.

Phone(s):  +23408023252027 09085672375


IG: @Olatcouture