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AB Rollings Clothing

AB Rollings Clothier is one of the fastest-rising fashion houses in Lagos, Nigeria with distinct bespoke tailoring that accentuates her customers’ looks.

This fashion line has unique ways in cuts and designs, aligning your fashion taste to match your perfect look. AB Rollings Clothing bespoke ensembles featured stylish and daring functional designs that cut from premium cotton, silk, wool, damask, lace, and cashmere fashioned with quality finish.


AB Rollings Clothier was launched on Friday 8th December, 2017, in Lagos, Nigeria to provide solutions to fashion enthusiast. However, this fashion comes alive in its range of bespoke designs and brilliantly-cut apparels.

More so, the Creative Director of AB Rollings Clothier, Abiodun Olukoya is an astute enterpreneur. He however ventured into the fashion business not long ago and has since opened several branches across the globe.  

Further more, as he discloses his deep passion for fashion, Olukoya said; “You do not have to be extravagant to be elegant, though in matters of grave importance, style, not extravagance, is the vital factor. This is however what distinguishes the men from the boys, the pretenders from the pragmatists and commoner from the classical.’’


Likewise, the CEO of Upscale Fashion House, “AB Rollings is a fashion company that was conceived in Lagos, delivered in Istanbul, groomed in Berlin and settled in London. We are a citizen of the world. Our concept of fashion, is unique, in the sense that our mission is to address all the fashion need of fashionista.”

Therefore, this fashion label has relied on diligently satisfying the style needs of all people, not concentrating on just the elite and the big-pocket fashion lovers. In addition,  this brand has several ways of servicing its customers.

Furthermore, AB Rollings’ core speciality is in former and informal wears; traditional wears like Agbada, senators, suits, etc. Also, this brand do not streamline its services to just men only but also extends it to female fashion lovers. Therefore, this fashion line offers its services to both sexes and all ages (planning to add children wears to the fold).


AB Clothing has a wide client base around the globe, making its service more accessible. This brand’s clients are mostly big-pocket fashion enthusiast.

Service Charge

AB Rollings offers high quality services to her premium customers with service charges affordable to many.

Mode Of Delivery

AB Rollings understands the concept of timing in business, therefore, it has stationed enough equipment to deal with the controversies that always surround customers’ dissatisfaction. This fashion brand has enough staff to deal with customer satisfaction by providing effective and up-to-date services.


City Mall, Onikan, Lagos Island,



236 Edgware Rd, London W2 1DW, 

United Kingdom.

Customer Service:

 +44 20 3638 8753, +2349091110674   


Instagram: @abrollings_clothiers