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How to start Kitenge fabric business in Kenya

Starting a Kitenge fabric business with less than 50,000 (KES) might not look as hard as earlier imagined.

These simple guide can help you start a very lucrative Kitenge fabric import business from Nigeria. It has been proven that Nigeria has the highest quality of Ankara/Kitenge/Chitenge fabrics on the African continent, so sourcing quality Ankara Fabrics from Nigeria might be the best idea. can help you simplify the hassle of starting a Kitenge business in Kenya, your order will be delivered to the nearest international airport in your city via Kenyan Airways or Ethiopia Airlines in less than one week and you’re able to make up to 50% margin on sales depending on your fabrics selling skills.

You can see further guide on how to sell more efficiently using instagram here or better still read more on what works best in Nigeria and further broaden your knowledge on how to start an online fabric store.

Find below a standard breakdown of what it may cost you to land 30pieces of fabrics in Nairobi. Each fabric cost about Ksh1500 per 6yards, if you multiply that by 30 that would be Ksh45,000. Shipping cost is mainly determined by the weight of the total package for shipment. Each fabric weigh about 0.8kg, which would make total package weight roughly 25kg.

Doorstep delivery might be fairly more expensive, so in order to control cost, it’s best you use the Airport pickup option which may cost as much as Ksh8500. So if you add the cost of goods plus shipping you’ll get a landing cost of Ksh53,500 approximately Ksh55,000 considering miscellanies.

The best quality fabrics are sourced from Nigeria, so what are you waiting for? Just make your move and start a very profitable Kitenge fabric business today, profit margin could be as high as 50% on some exclusive designs

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