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How to start a fashion business from home.

This article aims to answer the question: How to start fashion designing at home. Starting fashion design at home in Nigeria , has proven to be more profitable, since there is a reduced cost of shop/office rental and accumulated utility bills which accounts for more than 40% of business cost in this SME sector.

Here are a few tips to help you run a fashion design business efficiently from home:

·  Acquire the skill: Get the required skills to make beautiful clothes/dresses, you could either go to one of the numerous Fashion design schools, take online courses, or learn from the neighbouring tailors shop.

·  Time management: Though flexible, it makes you make a sense of your day. It helps you in organizing your day and stay productive at the same time. It’s like having a regular wakeup time and allocating a couple of hours to office work and other things.

·  Work on developing your skills: This means going back to the drawing board, develop your creativity skills. Work on new designs, have your own creations and be unique with what you do, Youtube is your friend.

·  Know your audience: Know the market you are targeting, know the type of customers you are servicing. Know what your customers want and satisfy them.

·  Business plan: Have a small plan, neglect the things that are not too important, don’t go getting machines that you will have to employ someone to operate for you. Make appropriate utilization of your funds.

·  Marketing: Marketing your product is very essential to growing your business and  there are various means of doing this either On-Air, Signpost, Social Media, Classified AD, start by taking pictures of yourself in the dress you made and post them on social media for your friends to comment and like, then you grow your business network from there.

Fabric material sourcing: There are a wide range of places you can source/buy your fabrics, but it is best to do it online via a reliable online fabric store like , this would help reduce your stress and help save time you should have expended on other things like making patterns which tend to be quite cumbersome and time consuming, since the fabrics would be delivered to you.

Making Patterns: There are several online 2D pattern making softwares that would make your life easier like Tailornova, this would help improve your efficiency and creativity.

Fashion Designer Management Software: There are several online tools you can always use to take customer measurement with precise level of accuracy for perfect cloth fit. This tools would also help you manage your customer data overtime. Tailornova also has additional features that can help you in this line.

Other software also help record sales and manage expenditure for a better management of your fashion business.

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    I love this post on sustainable alternatives. Great to see so many fashion-forward thinkers in the industry. There is a new ethical fashion site where you find scores of ethical fashion brands. Kind of like the good shopping guide one you posted. I think you really like this.

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