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How to start Ankara fabric business in Nigeria

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Ankara fabric is Cotton wax print. It  is also known as African Print , Holland Wax, Dutch wax, African wear. Ankara materials or wears are primarily associated with Africa because of its 100% colourful tribal-like patterns and motif. Ankara is widely used in most Africa countries, different styles, designs and more. Numerous items such as Ankara bags, Ankara shoes, Ankara socks, Ankara hats and Ankara caps can also be made from this Ankara fabric.

4 keynotes to starting  your Ankara fabric business in Nigeria.
1. Skill and experience
2. Niche
3. Set up a store for it
4. Sell online
Ankara business or Ankara material in Nigeria is a lucrative one as most Nigerians wear the ‘native’ attire in Nigeria especially on Fridays and for events like wedding, naming ceremony etc. When sown,Ankara can be worn to any event. It’s a must use for Aso Ebi during wedding ceremony because of how stylish and good it looks.

How to start Ankara fabric business in Nigeria

Skills and Experience

If you would like to design and produce ready-to-wear Ankara for sale then it is important that you learn the skills of Fashion design and Clothes making.  Ankara business is lucrative only if you know your craft. It is a very popular but lucrative business and only ingenuity and good skills will set you apart. Depending on your passion and determination it can take at least 6 months to acquire this skill. One can learn from the numerous fashion schools, Skills Acquisition Centers or from the very good tailor in your neighbourhood…Or you can search for Ankara fabric wholesale supplier like to put you through the process. As an sales affiliate you get commission after sales part from the profit that you make separately on each sale.
Ready -to-wear ankara is in high demand in Nigerian cities like Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Aba, Awka, Calabar, Uyo, Warri, Asaba, Enugu, Kaduna, Kano, Jos, Ilorin, Akure, Oshogbo, Ogbomoso, Ibadan, Auchi, Benin, Lokoja, Abeokuta.

Define your niche

Who do you intend to serve with your business? Which section of the population are you looking to cater to?? People prefer to visit Ankara shops that are made to serve a fraction of populace. Narrow your target market and you’ll see demand rise. It is good to focus on one market demography. Perhaps later, you can diversify.

Set up a Store or Business page for it

This is not just an Ankara business article, this is an Ankara fabric Business article. When considering a location for your ankara fabrics’ business, ensure that the location is open to lot of pedestrian traffic.For an online fabric business, you can open a facebook or instagram business page account. The secret is we have distributors that do not have shops and still make a living from this business. For those who have the money to rent a shop ensure it is in a  good business location, easily accessible to potential customers.

In this era of instagram,blogs and other social media,taking your business online is the thing to do. Using your social media account showcases you to customers not even in your immediate environment. Social Media can help boost sales  and even build a relationship between you and your customers, no wonder big brands also use it. After you have set up your Ankara fabric Business, go ahead and create an instagram account and a blog.. These platforms will not only expose your brand, they also serve as a portfolio. The opportunities that lies in this business is countless.

Startup cost on Ankara fabric business in Nigeria

If making your  designs by yourself, then you need all the equipment a fashion designer or tailor needs. Conduct a feasibility study to find out what you need and the amount required. This should be the first step before delving into this ankara  business.
We believe in starting small and ending big. You can start this business from your home and still make money. But when doing that, have expansion in mind. is offering a solution that will cost you just N50,000 to start your fabric business anywhere in Nigeria while logistics comes at little or no cost.

Potential profits in Ankara fabric business in Nigeria

Depending on the Ankara fabric and design, one Ankara dress can cost over N20,000 and more. If it’s in places like Lagos and Abuja, it can cost as much as N50,000. When you know your target market, you’ll be able to determine the right price to sell. If you’re to take this business online, sales will triple. If your boutique is in the right location, you can earn as high as a million per month. This business is lucrative no doubt.

How to advertise your Ankara fabric business in Nigeria

Irrespective of the fact that your shop is in the right location, you still need to adopt some promotional measures to boost sales and make your brand known.
• SIGNPOST – First, you need a good and attractive signpost in front of your shop.
• BUSINESS CARD – Having a business card is also important.
• ON AIR – Advertising your business on local television or radio stations is also good if you have the means. They aren’t costly though. A minute jingle isn’t up to N2000 in some states here in Nigeria.
• CLASSIFIED AD – What  are classified adverts? Those change of name small boxes you see on newspaper. They have  been proven to work tremendously.. Running a classified ad isn’t up to N5000.
• SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media Accounts  like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn  and other forum are good places to promote your Ankara fabric business in Nigeria.


Ankara fabric Business is a goldmine and the few players won’t even advice you to delve in, they don’t want competition. Acquire the skill and you’re one step away from your dream. Ankara business is among these lucrative businesses in Nigeria and because of the rise of African fashion, it’s only getting more lucrative. Demand is on the increase, join the players and make money for yourself. We can guide you through a smooth setup visit our website today your number 1 online ankara fabric distribution company in Africa.

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