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Aso ebi Styles : A Staple at Every African Party.

Hello People,

Have you ever wondered how the Aso ebi styles trend came to be and if it would ever fizzle out. The word Aso ebi has Yoruba Origins . It means Family Clothes, It is usually worn by members of a family during special occasions such as naming ceremonies, weddings, burials and birthdays, house warming ceremonies and recently graduation parties.

Aso ebi is a staple at African parties as it adds color, unity and gaiety to the occasion, however in recent times Aso ebi has evolved beyond just family members to include friends of the celebrants and invitees.

Therefore, Aso ebi is a beautiful phenomenon as even Africans in the diaspora use it for their events abroad. Depending on the Celebrants’ taste or budget, likewise Aso ebi could be in low budget, medium range or high end.

At, we’ve got you covered with our beautiful range of Aso ebi Ankara Fabrics for all events.

There is the Medium Wax , it falls in the low budget asoebi and comes in durable and beautiful designs.

Also, we have the Vlisco wax HollandaiseExcellence AnkaraAvogan AnkaraLa Pyramide AnkaraImperial Ankara and Phoenix Hitarget Ankara Fabrics , Absolute Whatever your budget, taste or Ideas, we’ve got great asoebi solutions just for you.


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